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Nowadays, when we hear the word “holidays,” “Dubai” automatically comes to mind. And what’s better than visiting this beautiful city in July? Dubai is a top destination for travellers and is very popular for its luxury and unique experiences. Zippy Holidays decided to create this guide for everyone wanting to visit Dubai.

So, here’s everything you need to know about visiting Dubai in July!

Is Visiting Dubai in July a Good Idea?

July is one of the hottest months in Dubai, but this means fewer tourists and better deals on everything, including flights and hotels. It’s a good time to check out indoor attractions like:

  • The Lost Chambers Aquarium
  • Ski Dubai
  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Museum
  • iFly Dubai
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Museum Of Illusions

Travellers can also enjoy special events and festivals without big crowds. The Dubai Summer Surprises Festival also happens in July, and families can take advantage of the many shopping deals and thrilling activities. The city comes alive at night, and travellers can enjoy all kinds of nightclubs and bars. Moreover, many attractions offer special summer discounts!

So, despite the heat, July can be a good time to visit Dubai. Travellers can easily save a huge chunk of money and avoid crowds, all at the same time!

Dubai Weather in July

Dubai is very hot in July. The temperature can reach 40°C (104°F) during the day and is around 30°C (86°F) at night.

There is almost no rain in Dubai in July. But the plus point is that the sun shines for about 12 hours daily, so travellers will have much time to explore this city. We suggest that travellers plan their outdoor activities when it’s cooler (early morning or evening). Indoor places are air-conditioned, so you can enjoy them without feeling too hot.

Essentials You Should Know

Dubai is very welcoming to tourists, with signs and services in English. It’s also good to respect the local culture. Travellers can do that by dressing modestly, especially at religious sites or public places.

Pro Tip: Always remember to keep a water bottle with you. It is important to stay hydrated in July.

Knowing these basics can help you enjoy your holiday to Dubai more.

Things to Do In Dubai In July

This is our favourite part of the entire holiday! This section entails all the fun you will have once you land in Dubai. All the necessary information, including the location, has been given for your ease. Enjoy!

Burj Khalifa

You won’t be surprised to know that the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. So, its observation decks offer amazing city views. The building is open from early morning until late at night.

  • Sunrise Timing: 5:30 am to 8 am
  • At The Top Timing: 8:30 am to 11 pm

Location: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Evening Desert Safari

An evening desert safari is a great way to see the desert without feeling the extreme heat and sunlight. Travellers enjoy camel rides, dune bashing, and a traditional Arabic dinner with musical entertainment.

  • Timing: Daily from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Location: Dubai, UAE

Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow is a park that lights up at night. Imagine all those lights, you and your partner. We think this is the best place for one to propose. Moreover, kids absolutely love these lights; many families cherish the pictures they take here. Here are the timings:

  • Saturday – Thursday: 4 pm to 11 pm
  • Friday: 4 pm to 12 am

Location: Zabeel Park, Gate No – 6 & 7 Area – B, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

La Perle by Dragone

La Perle is an amazing indoor show with many exciting performances and actors. It lasts about 90 minutes. It is a great way for families to spend time together. You can book their tickets online or at the ticket counter. However, purchasing tickets beforehand would be a good idea since the tickets are sold out pretty fast. Here are the timings:

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 7 pm to 12 am

Location: 260 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an indoor snow park where you can ski, snowboard, and even meet penguins. This place is so famous and for all the right reasons. Kids love penguins, couples can cosy up and learn to ski, families can beat the heat and make happy memories, and singles can learn a new skill. So, trust us that this place is a hit among all kinds of travellers.

Here are the timings:

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 10 am to 11 pm
  • Thursday: 10 am to 12 am
  • Friday: 9 am to 12 am
  • Saturday: 9 am to 11 pm

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is an amusement park in Abu Dhabi, about an hour from Dubai. Feeling down? Sit on their roller coasters, and you will smile for days! Those rollercoasters will really give you an adrenaline boost! Here are the timings:

  • Daily: 11 am to 8 pm

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is a big structure resembling a picture frame. If you are an Instagram influencer, please note that just one picture of this beautiful frame will increase your engagement! The timings are as follows:

  • Daily: 9 am-9 pm (varies during Ramadan)

Location: Al Kifaf, Zabeel Park Jogging Track, Dubai, UAE

Dubai Dolphinarium & Seal Show

The dolphins dance around, do cute tricks, and the seals sometimes play with the audience! These animals will definitely bring a smile to your face and create a long-lasting memory with your loved ones.

The timings are:

  • Daily: 11 am, 2 pm, 6 pm

Location: Riyadh Street, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai, UAE

Warner Bros. World

Are you or the people you are travelling with big fans of Warner Bros characters? Then, put this place on your itinerary because it has rides and shows featuring famous characters like Batman and Bugs Bunny. Don’t miss the chance to take a cute, funny picture with the famous Batman. Moreover, this indoor theme park is perfect for escaping the summer heat.

The timings are:

  • Daily: 10 am-8 pm

Location: Al Falah Rd, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Day Trips from Dubai

Dubai is close to many other interesting places you can visit on a day trip. Hatta’s heritage village and Fossil Rock are great for history lovers. Sharjah City is another good option, offering various cultural attractions.

Our research shows that Abu Dhabi is a top choice for day trips because of its numerous sights. Al Ain and Musandam Dibba are also worth exploring.

  • July Timings: Depends on the trip chosen.

Events to Look Out For

Ready to play dress up and party? Here are the events that you must attend!

  • Hussain Al Jassmi and Kadim Al Sahir Concert: On July 1, you can enjoy a concert by Hussain Al Jassmi and Kadim Al Sahir at the Coca-Cola Arena. This concert is part of the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival.
  • The Selfdrive Laughter Factory: On July 21, you can have a fun night at the Selfdrive Laughter Factory. Comedians will perform at the Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach, making it a night of laughter.

Zippy Tip: Plan everything beforehand and check out our Dubai Holiday Packages to cut costs. Our all-inclusive Dubai holidays would be the best option if you are looking to include everything in one neat package.

Best Places to Stay in Dubai During July

The heat makes picking a good place to stay in Dubai in July very important.

InterContinental Dubai Festival City

If you want a fancy place to stay in Dubai, InterContinental Dubai Festival City is a good choice. It’s near famous places like the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The rooms are nice, and you can see the city from them. The people who work there are very helpful, and you can eat good food at their restaurants. There is also a big pool where you can swim and cool down.

Even though it’s a fancy hotel, they sometimes have special deals in the summer, so you might find it affordable.

Atlantis, The Palm

This one is very famous. It’s on a special island called the Palm Jumeirah. This hotel has really nice rooms, and you can see the ocean from them. There are many fun things to do at Atlantis, like swimming with dolphins and the water park. They have many restaurants, so you can try different foods.

Moreover, the hotel has good air conditioning, which is important because it’s very hot in July.

Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai

It’s on Sheikh Zayed Road, near the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The rooms are comfortable, and you can see the city from them. The hotel has good service and nice places to eat. There is also a big pool where you can swim and cool off. It’s easy to get around from this hotel, so you can see lots of things without travelling far.

Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road

Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road is a good option if you want a nice, affordable place to stay. For a budget-friendly option, check out Holiday Inn Bur Dubai or J5 Rimal. They offer basic but good services at lower prices.

Zippy Holidays offers all of these hotels in our Dubai holiday packages. Check out our website now and book the package that you like best.

What to Pack for Your Holiday to Dubai in July

Packing the right clothes and items for Dubai in July is important because it’s very hot. Bring light clothes made of cotton or linen to stay cool. Loose tops, pants, and long dresses in light colours are best because they don’t absorb too much heat.

Moreover, you must take sunscreen because the sun is very strong in Dubai in July. Wear comfortable shoes like sandals or light sneakers for walking around. Please keep a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day. And it is important to bring a light jacket or scarf if you go to places with strong air conditioning.

How to Get Around Dubai in July

Dubai has a good public transport system, making it easy to travel around. The Metro is fast and takes you to many main places. You need a Nol Card to use the Metro, buses, and trams. You can put money on the card for all these rides. Moreover, it is advised to use taxis or ride-sharing services to stay cool.

Walking can be hard because of the high temperatures, and some places don’t have sidewalks. During the day, use air-conditioned buses and the Metro.

Delicious Foods to Try in Dubai in July

Dubai has many tasty foods you should try. Shish Tawook is a popular dish with marinated chicken skewers served with dips, pickles, and fries. It’s a tasty meal that shows off Middle Eastern cooking. Another great dish is Al Machboos, a spiced rice meal with lamb, chicken, or shrimp flavoured with lemon and onions. This is a common meal in the UAE.

If you want to try something different, camel meat is a local favourite, usually eaten on special occasions. Stuffed camel meat dishes are very famous and offer a unique taste. Al Harees is another traditional dish made with wheat and meat, cooked to a soft, porridge-like consistency. It’s often enjoyed during festive times. Try Knafeh, a sweet cheese pastry with saffron and pistachio, for dessert. These dishes give you a real taste of Dubai’s rich food culture.

Useful Tips for Visiting Dubai in July

Here’s a simple summary of all the tips we gave you above!

  • Always carry a reusable water bottle.
  • Plan to see indoor attractions when it’s hot outside.
  • Wear light, breathable clothes.
  • Dubai’s Metro and air-conditioned buses are good.
  • Use hotel pools to relax and cool down.

Zippy Holidays is here to take you to Dubai for holidays in July! Let us fulfill your dreams. Time to visit Dubai like a royal! All the Sheikhs would be jealous.


Can You Swim at Beaches in Dubai in July?

Yes, you can swim at Dubai’s beaches in July. The water is warm, about 32°C (89.6°F), making it a nice way to cool off. You can always book your beach escapade with Zippy Holidays.

Does it rain in Dubai in July?

Dubai hardly ever rains in July.

Is Dubai Windy in July?

The average wind speed is quite calm. However, there are frequent dust storms.