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Cheap July Holiday Packages 2024

Get Holiday Packages with Zippy Holidays and Visit you dream Destination in July, 2024 

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Enjoy Cheap Holidays in July

If you love sunshine, exploring, and having fun, you're in the right place! Imagine the sun shining bright, painting the world in beautiful colours. It's the perfect time to go on a fantastic adventure and make unforgettable memories.

July's here, and it's the ideal season for sunshine and adventure. So, to make your summer extra exciting, check out our deals. We've compiled a list of July holiday packages, from budget-friendly options to last-minute bargains. It's all about making your month super exciting.

What's the Hype About July Holidays

This month is not just for hot weather. It's like a treasure chest of fun for people who love to travel. But why is it so special for holidays? Well, here are a few reasons why this mid-summer month is getting all the attention from travel enthusiasts.

  • Weather: Imagine a light wind, super clear skies, and the sun giving you a warm hug. July presents an ideal climate for a variety of places. So, whether you want to soak up the sun on a beach or check out the beautiful views in the countryside, it is the perfect time for a fantastic holiday.
  • Celebrations: However, this month isn't only for relaxing in the sun. It's a month full of celebrations all over the world. Lively parades with lots of colours and music festivals fill the night air. So, it's not just a holiday; it's like being right in the middle of different cultures and communities coming to life.
  • Summer Break: The schools are off for summer break by the end of this month, so it's time for family fun. You can visit incredible places like theme parks, nature parks, or historical places. There are lots of things to do that everyone in the family will enjoy.
  • Natural Beauty: Lastly, landscapes are lush, and flowers bloom this month. It's the time when nature is at its absolute best. So, if you love taking pictures or being outside, it's like finding your piece of heaven in nature.

Top Destinations for Holidays in July

Want cheap July holidays from the UK that won't break the bank? Well, you're in the right place. We have shortlisted the top destinations where you can have a great time without spending a fortune.


Havana is the place to go if you want an affordable experience with lots of fun. It's the capital city of Cuba, and it's unique with its lively culture and old-fashioned charm, and it won't cost too much.

Why Havana in July?

  • Peak Season: This month is one of the most busy seasons for Havana. This means the atmosphere is extremely lively and you can enjoy the city at its full charm.
  • Festivals: The world-famous Havana Carnival takes place this month. It's a huge, vibrant celebration that makes the city even more exciting. So, it's a great way to take a break from your usual busy life.


If you want the ultimate destination for cheap holidays in July 2024, Tenerife in the Canary Islands is perfect. The weather is incredible, the beaches are beautiful, and there are many things to do that won't cost you a ton of money.

Why Tenerife in July?

  • Summer Deals: You can save money on hotels and activities because of the competitive summer prices.
  • Natural Beauty:  Check out Teide National Park, where you'll find Spain's tallest mountain, Mount Teide. The skies are clear, so it is perfect for enjoying such amazing views.


Lastly, Venice is a fantastic choice if you want something within Europe. It is not just for people who love romance; it's also a fantastic place for savvy travellers seeking affordable deals. Imagine narrow canals, old buildings, and tasty food—it's like a dream!

Why Venice in July?

  • Shoulder Season: This month marks the beginning of Venice's shoulder season. So, you can enjoy lower prices and fewer crowds.
  • Festa del Redentore: Dive into the Festa del Redentore, a fantastic celebration combining spirituality and history. The city's waterways light up with colourful fireworks, creating an exceptional atmosphere.

Types of July Holiday Deals

This month shouldn't just be a mark on the calendar. It's a chance for unforgettable experiences. So, pick what you like for a special month and let the fun begin.

  • Affordable Deals: Let's start with a blast! You don't have to spend a lot for a fantastic adventure. Our cheap July holidays are for savvy travellers who want lots of fun without breaking the bank. We've chosen comfortable and budget-friendly hotels just for you. It proves you can have an incredible experience without a hefty price.
  • All-Inclusive: If you want a relaxing experience without worrying about details, pick our July all-inclusive holidays. Picture a getaway where the only choice you have to make is whether to relax by the pool or go to the beach. With yummy food and great hotels, our all-inclusive holiday deals ensure you enjoy every bit of your escape.
  • Short Breaks: Don't have time for a full-blown holiday? Don't worry; our July breaks pack a lot of fun in a short time. So, whether it's a weekend getaway or a break in the middle of the week, our short breaks guarantee lots of adventure in a small package.
  • Family Friendly: This month is about spending time with your loved ones. So, our July family holidays are designed to make your time together memorable. We've picked out destinations that are enjoyable for everyone in your family. Whether it's kid-friendly resorts or activities for everyone, these holidays are all about making incredible memories together.
  • Beach Fun: Lastly, the July summer holidays are incomplete without visiting a beach. So, if you want to visit coastal places with friendly waves and stunning sunsets, choose our July beach holidays. Our deals guarantee a month full of the relaxing sounds of the ocean and the sun's warmth.


How can I be sure I will get the best holiday deals for July?

We offer to beat your price quote. This means if you find the same package somewhere else, we will match or offer a lower price. So, you can be sure you are not getting a better deal elsewhere.

Are holidays in July from the UK expensive?

July is the peak season, so prices tend to increase. But finding affordable deals is always easy with Zippy Holidays.

What is the average duration of a holiday in July?

They usually last 3 to 6 nights.

Can I get a last-minute July holiday?

This month is the peak travel season, so the demand is very high. But we want to cater to all your needs. So, if you feel the need for an adventure at the last minute, visit our website, and you can explore various options.