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Cheap Holidays to Tenerife

Affordable Tenerife! Great prices, endless fun.

Enjoy the Best Holidays in Tenerife

Picture beautiful blue-green waters, soft golden sands, and a way of life that moves to its beat. Tenerife is a place in the Atlantic Ocean that invites you to exciting experiences, peaceful moments, and memories that stay with you.

So, if you want sunny beaches, incredible culture, and extraordinary experiences for your next holiday, you're in the right spot. We're super excited to be your guide to all the fun on Tenerife holidays from the UK. So, prepare for fun, sun, and chill as we check out the best deals.

Activities for Your Holidays to Tenerife

Our package holidays to Tenerife are more than just a getaway. They are an invite to a giant playground with lots of fun stuff for everyone. So, if you love exciting things, enjoy learning about different cultures, or want to chill out, we have something special for you.

  • Fun on the Beach: Start your adventure with the basics. The beaches here are not just pretty in pictures; they are like the entrance to underwater fun. Swim in Playa de las Teresitas, where the beach seems to go on forever. But if you're into water activities, El Médano is the place for you. Try windsurfing or kiteboarding and feel the excitement of the Atlantic Ocean under your feet.
  • Hiking: Put on your boots because this place is a dream for people who love hiking. The island has many different places, like volcanic craters and lush forests. There are paths for everyone, whether you're a beginner or a pro. One excellent place to explore is the Anaga Rural Park. It's recognised by UNESCO for its ancient forests and mountains, making your hiking adventures feel like a magical journey.
  • Culture: Tenerife is filled with historical places. Spend a day exploring La Laguna, which is recognised by UNESCO. The colourful buildings and busy markets tell stories from long ago. Also, make sure you see the Basilica of Candelaria. It's an iconic site that beautifully blends religion and architecture.
  • Nightlife: Lastly, the place lights up at night. Whether hanging out at the lively bars in Playa de las Américas or checking out the fancy clubs in Santa Cruz, your evenings here are just as fun as your days. So, dance under the stars, enjoy unique drinks, and create memories.

Top Hotels for Tenerife Holidays 2024

Picking the perfect place to stay is essential for the best holidays in Tenerife. So, check out these fantastic options offered in our packages. They'll make sure your experience is nothing short of perfect!

  • Bahia del Duque: Located in Costa Adeje, this place is the name of luxury. It's a top-notch resort that mixes old-style Canarian buildings with modern luxury. You can have a fantastic time with beautiful gardens and views of the Atlantic Ocean. It's a timeless getaway with great restaurants, bars, and private villas.
  • The Ritz-Carlton, Abama: On the cliffs in Guía de Isora, Ritz-Carlton is another excellent choice. It's a beautiful mix of high-class style and nature. You can see the ocean and La Gomera Island from there. This isn't just a regular hotel; it's like a fancy lifestyle. They have Michelin-starred restaurants and a great golf course, too. So, it is all about enjoying the good things in life.
  • Sheraton La Caleta Resort & Spa: If you like modern getaways, this place is a peaceful spot by the beach. It's a nice mix of new comforts and the charm of the Canaries. There are multiple pools and beautiful gardens, and you can easily get to the walkway by the ocean. So, staying here means you can chill out or dive into the lively vibe of Tenerife.
  • Iberostar Selection Anthelia Spain: Lastly, in the middle of Costa Adeje, this 5-star hotel is ideal for those who want the best service. Moreover, it has a great restaurant, wellness activities, and excellent rooms. And guess what? It's right by the beach, so it's perfect if you want the ultimate beach experience.

Best Time for Cheap Holidays to Tenerife

Want cheap Tenerife holidays? Well, certain times are more affordable than others. So, to ensure you get the best deals, we have given the details for all types of seasons. Choose what suits your preferences and prepare for a great time!

Off-Peak Season

Tenerife can be affordable if you go at the correct times. For people who want to save money, the trick is to visit when it's not too crowded. So, the weather is good from May to June and September to November, and there aren't as many people. This means you can get reasonable rates for hotels and flights, and you won't have to wait in long lines. It's the best time for a cheap holiday to Tenerife!


Escape the winter sadness with a sunny getaway in Tenerife. From December to February, when it's freezing in the UK, this place is warm and inviting. It's a perfect place for a winter escape. It’s the busy season, but you can often find good deals with Zippy.


Lastly, this destination comes alive with colours, celebrations and a vibrant atmosphere in Spring. March and April are great because it's getting warmer, but the prices haven't reached peak levels yet. So, you can join the local celebrations, enjoy the blooming scenery, and have a wonderful time without spending too much money.


What kind of food should I try on my Tenerife holiday?

Try their special "Papas Arrugadas" (boiled potatoes) with tasty mojo sauce, delicious seafood paella, and the sweet "Frangollo" dessert. Taste all the different flavours of the island for a real treat!

Are Tenerife all-inclusive holidays available with Zippy?

Yes, we have all-inclusive holidays to Tenerife in 2024. You can choose whatever services you want to add apart from flights and hotels, which are already covered. Our services range from meals and airport transfers to park and attraction tickets.

How much do Tenerife holiday deals cost with Zippy?

Our packages range from £387 to £1500.

Can I get direct flights to Tenerife from the UK?

Yes, direct flights are available and are usually four and a half hours long.