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Cheap City Breaks Packages 2024

Explore your dream destination with confidence

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Enjoy Cheap City Breaks With Zippy Holidays

We live in a world where time is of the essence, but the desire for adventure is unstoppable. So, Zippy is your partner for creating amazing adventures. Think about walking on stone streets, smelling delicious food from corner cafes, and the thrill of getting to know a new culture. And the best part? You can do all of this without worrying about spending too much money.

So, do you want to take a short break from the daily hustle and bustle? Do you want to discover a new city, enjoy local food, and make memories without spending too much money? If that sounds good to you, you're in luck! Zippy is here to help you enjoy cheap city breaks.

What Makes City Breaks So Popular

City break packages are super popular these days, and not without reason. These short getaways are like little treasure chests filled with cool stuff to do. People worldwide love them because they're speedy, don't cost a fortune, and leave you with incredible memories. So, let's discuss why these city breaks are everyone's favourite speedy and budget-friendly escape.

  • Time: Short break holidays are like magic in a world where time is valuable. In just a weekend or a few days, you get to soak up the vibe, history, and coolness of a new city. It's like a tiny holiday that doesn't need much time off but gives you a big adventure buzz.
  • Affordability: We understand that not everyone can take long holidays. But guess what? You can enjoy a quick holiday that won't break the bank. With Zippy holidays, we ensure that our cheap short breaks let you explore without spending too much money. So, you can satisfy your travel cravings without worrying about your wallet.
  • Ease of Planning: Such getaways don't need much planning, so you can easily go on last-minute holidays. You decide where you want to go, choose when, and that's it! Your fun break is right there. There is no need for confusing plans or hard stuff—just the excitement of exploring.
  • Variety: Whether you like history, yummy food, art, or just strolling around the streets, weekend getaways have something for everyone. You can explore history in Venice or feel the modern energy in Tenerife. Whatever you're into, there's a city break that's just right for you!

How to Make the Most of Your Short Holiday Breaks

Going on a quick holiday doesn't have to mean missing out on a great time. Instead, it's a chance to pack lots of fun and adventure into a short period. So, here's your guide to ensuring that every part of your adventure is fantastic.

  • Plan Well: Firstly, you must determine what's most important to you. Do you want to explore the history, try local food, or enjoy the city's nightlife? Knowing what you want to do will help you plan better. Also, choose a hotel that's centrally located. This saves time and puts you in the middle of the city's excitement.
  • Try Local Food: One of the best things about a weekend getaway is trying yummy local food. Make sure to taste a regional dish from each place you go. Ask people who live there for good food suggestions. They know about excellent places that might not be in the travel books.
  • Explore Efficiently: Make sure to cover all the key attractions. This helps you learn about the history and culture while exploring the city. Also, try using buses or walking to feel the city's vibe. You can find cute spots and cool places you might miss in a taxi.
  • Be Flexible: Lastly, go with the flow. The best moments often happen when you least expect them. Be open to surprises and discover hidden spots. Don't worry about doing everything on your list. Quick breaks are about enjoying the good stuff.

Top Destinations for City Breaks From the UK

Zippy ensures you get cheap weekend holidays, so you don't have to empty your wallet. So, pack your bags for an adventure to affordable and beautiful destinations.

  • Havana: Come experience the lively feel of Havana with Zippy! You can walk through colourful streets that dance to the rhythm of salsa music. From the city's historic part to the scenic Malecón, you'll be immersed in a world of classic cars and vibrant buildings. We make it easy on your wallet to explore so you can enjoy Cuba's rich culture without spending too much. So, whether you're into music or the friendly locals, a short break to Havana is a mix of relaxation and fun you'll never forget.
  • Tenerife: If you're dreaming of a quick and affordable holiday that mixes sunny beaches with incredible volcano views, Tenerife is the place to go. This unique Canary Island isn't far from the UK and has much to offer. Whether you want to relax on the beautiful Playa de las Américas beaches, check out the unique landscapes of Teide National Park, or take a leisurely walk through the cosy streets of Santa Cruz, Tenerife is a great spot that won't hurt your wallet. You can enjoy all this without stressing about money, making Tenerife the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.
  • Venice: Lastly, if you're looking for city breaks in Europe, Venice is the ideal destination. Picture yourself gliding on a boat along the Grand Canal, strolling through old streets full of stories, and enjoying delicious Italian food near ancient buildings. Venice, usually seen as a fancy place, is now within reach with our budget-friendly getaways from the UK. Get lost in the canals, walk over famous bridges, and enjoy the enchantment of Venice without worrying about your wallet.


How do I book cheap weekend getaways with Zippy?

All you have to do is visit our website, select the "Holidays" drop-down list, and choose city breaks. There, you will find several options to meet your preferences!

What kind of hotels are available for short breaks?

From 5-star to more affordable and all-inclusive, we have several options for you.

What is the best time to book cheap weekend holidays?

The best time for cheap deals depends on the destination. Each destination has its peak and off-peak seasons. So, off-peak times are ideal for affordable deals.

How much do cheap city breaks in Europe cost with Zippy?

They start from as low as £443.