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Holidays to Venice 2024

Explore Venice Holiday Packages

All You Need To Know About Venice

Want to know all about Venice? It's a beautiful city in Italy with lovely streets, canals, and delicious food. People love visiting Venice because it's charming and has a lot of history. Let's look at some must-know facts about Venice!

  • Venice Weather: It can get pretty hot in the summer and chilly in the winter since Venice has a Mediterranean climate.
  • Best Time to Visit: Spring (May and June) and fall (October and November) are great times to visit. It's not too hot, and there aren't as many tourists around, so you can enjoy Venice more peacefully.
  • Festivals: Venice has cool events like the Carnival and the Film Festival. If you plan your getaway when these festivals happen, you'll have even more fun.
  • Currency: You'll need Euros (EUR). Getting some before you go or using ATMs in Venice to get cash easily is smart.
  • Language: People speak Italian in Venice, but many also understand English. Learning Italian can help you connect with locals and show respect for their culture.
  • Timezone: Venice is in the Central European Time Zone (CET), which is GMT +1. Make sure to adjust your watch so you're on time for all your adventures!
  • Flight Duration: Flying from Heathrow Airport to Venice Marco Polo Airport takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes, which isn't too long.

At Zippy Holidays, we know how important it is to have a smooth journey. Our team can help you with everything you need for your Venice holiday. We'll make sure your holiday is fantastic and stress-free!

Most Popular Attractions in Venice

Here are some cool places you should check out if you book our Venice holidays:

Canal Grande

Think of Canal Grande as Venice's main street, but instead of cars, there are boats! You can hop on a special Vaporetto boat and cruise along this big canal. On both sides, you'll see fancy houses called palaces and pretty bridges connecting the streets. Sometimes, you'll spot musicians playing music on boats, adding to the fun vibe. Moreover, you might pass under low bridges or see big boats carrying goods. So, this will be the best spot ever to take your pictures.

Rialto Bridge

This is a magical path linking different parts of Venice. It's the most famous bridge there! Walking on it makes you feel like you're walking above the water, which is a bit thrilling. You can watch all sorts of boats passing below from the bridge, adding to Venice's lively scene. And if you love taking photos, the Rialto Bridge is perfect for capturing Venice's essence.

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco is a big square surrounded by beautiful buildings and full of people. You can relax at cosy cafes, sip yummy coffee, and watch life go by. Or enjoy the music of street performers and maybe even dance along! Piazza San Marco always leaves you wanting more fun.

The Doge’s Palace

The Doge's Palace looks like a fairy tale castle. Its architecture is amazing, with beautiful artwork and designs that will amaze you. Inside, you'll find paintings by famous Venetian artists like Titian and Tintoretto. Don't forget to visit the palace's prison and see the famous Bridge of Sighs.

Campanile di San Marco

As you go up, the views get more and more breathtaking. You can see Venice's red rooftops and the lagoon's sparkling waters from the top. It's like being on top of the world, perfect for taking photos and making memories.

Basilica di San Marco

The Basilica di San Marco is a beautiful church. Its walls and ceilings are covered in mosaics showing scenes from the Bible and Venetian history. Inside, you'll find magnificent altars and sacred relics. But the real highlight is the golden altarpiece, shining with hope and faith, attracting visitors worldwide. Moreover, don't forget to visit the museum and treasury.

Why Book Venice Holidays

Venice is a city that attracts people from all over the world. So, let's see why booking a holiday in Venice is a great idea.

Exploring the City

Venice has many interesting things to discover. You can visit shops where they make special masks and cosy cafes where they serve tasty Venetian sweets. Walk around the narrow streets and pretty bridges. Don't miss trying local dishes in restaurants. You can taste delicious seafood risotto and small plates called Cicchetti. Treat yourself to some yummy gelato from one of the cute ice cream shops in the city.

Float Along the Canals

Venice is famous for its canals, and it's a romantic place to explore. You can take a water bus and travel along the Grand Canal. This is also the perfect place to propose to your loved one. Take this as a sign!

Sample the Local Food

Start your food adventure by visiting the Rialto Market. Here, you can try fresh seafood straight from the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy clams, shrimp, and squid prepared by local fishermen. Then, visit a traditional bar called Bacaro to try tasty snacks and regional wines. Book a table at one of Venice's top restaurants for a special dinner. Skilled chefs will serve you delicious Venetian food with a modern twist.

And don't forget to try tiramisu!

Try the Local Wine

You can't visit Venice without tasting its amazing wines. Surrounding Venice are vineyards that make many types of wine, from light whites to strong reds. Visit a vineyard to learn about winemaking and try different wines. Knowledgeable sommeliers will help you find wines you'll love. Moreover, you can also pair your wine with local cheeses, meats, and olives for a perfect match.

Top Picks: Hotels in Venice - Presented by Zippy Holidays

Choosing the right place to stay will make your getaway to Venice even more special. At Zippy Holidays, we understand the importance of finding the perfect accommodation for your Venice getaway. That's why we've handpicked these exceptional hotels to ensure your holiday is extraordinary. Each hotel offers a unique experience filled with luxury, comfort, and hospitality.

  • Bauer Palazzo: The rooms are big and nicely decorated, mixing modern comforts with classic charm. The service here is excellent, ensuring every detail of your stay is perfect.
  • Danieli Hotel: You'll be amazed by the impressive architecture and the views. Each room is luxurious, with fancy decorations and modern amenities. They also offer fantastic dining experiences celebrating Venice's food traditions.
  • The St. Regis Venice: Every room at The St. Regis Venice is carefully designed to be comfy and stylish, with fancy furniture and amazing views. Their meals, from breakfast to dinner, are like works of art showcasing the best of Venetian food. And don't forget to relax at their spa!
  • Hilton Molino Stucky Venice: This hotel offers stunning views of Venice's skyline and the sparkling lagoon. The rooms are spacious and cosy, giving you all the comforts of home. Take a swim in the rooftop pool and enjoy their various dining options. It is also close to all the main attractions in Venice, so you can easily explore the city.

Our Popular Holiday Packages For Venice

Check out our awesome holiday packages for Venice!

All Inclusive

You're signing up for a worry-free holiday when you choose our all-inclusive package. Your flights? Consider them booked. Accommodation? Sorted. Meals? Absolutely included. To keep you entertained, we have a lineup of guided tours, cultural experiences, and even cooking classes to ensure you have the time of your life.

Couples Holiday

Venice is synonymous with romance, and our couples' holiday package ensures that your romantic getaway is magical. You can enjoy intimate dinners overlooking the Grand Canal and private gondola rides under the stars. With champagne upon arrival, couples' spa treatments, and personalised concierge services, we leave nothing out!

Luxury Holidays

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, our luxury packages are made for you. From riding in a private limousine to personalised butler service, every moment is designed to exceed your expectations. You can also enjoy private tours of St. Mark's Basilica after hours, dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, and have fun at spa treatments that will leave you feeling pampered.

Family Holidays

Regarding family holidays, we understand the importance of catering to everyone's needs. Our family package ensures that both parents and kids have a fantastic time. Stay in spacious, family-friendly hotels and enjoy various activities and attractions suitable for all ages. We offer interactive workshops and cultural activities. And don't worry; there's plenty of downtime for relaxation and bonding.

Discover Venice with Zippy Holidays

Planning a getaway is very stressful, but we're here to help! We'll assist with visas, travel insurance and support you 24/7 during your getaway. Moreover, you'll get special deals on places to stay, flights, and fun things to do. This is because we team up with trusted partners to get you the best prices possible. So why wait? Book your Venice Holiday now with Zippy Holidays!


We suggest spending 5 to 6 days in Venice to really enjoy its culture and attractions. You can stay for longer too!

Yes, Venice is made for walking, but be ready for narrow streets and bridges.

Yes! The nightlife is very wild. If you do not want that, then there are cosy bars and cafes for a good time.

Yes! Zippy Holidays offers budget-friendly packages and special deals.

Keep it comfy, but please wear dresses for your boat rides!

We're dedicated to making your Venice holiday amazing with personalised service and seamless experiences.

UK citizens don't need a visa for short stays in Italy, but ensure your passport's validity.

Absolutely! Choose the airline that suits you best for your Venice adventure. Let us know your preference, and we will book it for you.