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Cheap October Holidays

Get All October Holiday Deals with Zippy Holidays

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Experience the Magic of the October Holidays With Zippy

The sun doesn't leave us after summer; it's still shining bright in October! We've chosen some fantastic places where you can enjoy the sun and pleasant weather. Just imagine yourself relaxing on beautiful beaches, sipping a tasty drink, and basking in the warm October sun. So, whether you prefer the stunning Mediterranean or the tropical Caribbean, we've covered your beach getaway!

It's time to grab your stuff because this is the month to take a break from everyday life and enjoy some excellent holidays! At Zippy, we've assembled cheap October holidays for you. So, get set for a mix of excitement, relaxation, and fantastic deals on the holiday you've been dreaming of.

Are Holidays in October Worth It?

This month is the middle ground between summer's hot days and winter's chilly days. While it might not seem ideal for a holiday, trust us, it's a great time.

Save Money and Avoid Crowds

Since October is outside of the summer months, it is part of the shoulder season of travelling. This means it's between the peak and off-peak seasons. So, it is a great time to travel because it's less crowded than the busy summer months. People are usually done with their holidays and back to school, so you can enjoy popular places with more peace and privacy. It's also right before the end-of-the-year holiday season, so you can avoid the big holiday rush while still enjoying some festivities.

And since the demand is relatively low this month, you can get cheap holidays in October. You can find terrific package deals, so your dream holiday can be a bit more doable this month.

Enjoy Good Weather and Nature's Beauty

Getting a reasonable price for a holiday is always great, but enjoying the holiday is equally important. And in this month you can have all the enjoyment possible. Firstly, this month has all kinds of weather for everyone. If you like the last bit of summer heat or the chilly feel of fall, it has both. So, it's an excellent time for people who love the beach or the mountains.

Also, the fall season paints landscapes with warm colours. Picture walking on roads covered with fallen leaves or hiking paths with trees full of red and gold colours. It makes your holiday a treat for your eyes.

Where to Go for October Sun Holidays

Even though this month marks the peak of autumn, you don't have to stop enjoying the sunny fun! With Zippy, you can keep the summer feeling going all year round. So, if you want to enjoy the last bit of summer warmth, here are some fantastic places you might like.

  • The Mediterranean: The Mediterranean is fabulous this month if you love sunny weather and pretty coastal towns. Countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain have pleasant temperatures and a calm vibe. So, you can check out historical places, eat delicious food, and enjoy the sunny weather.
  • The Caribbean: For beach holidays in October, consider going to the Caribbean. Although the hurricane season is at its peak, you can still enjoy warm temperatures and sunny days. Plus, some areas still experience very low rainfall. Imagine relaxing on the soft sands of Barbados, enjoying the watersports at Aruba, or exploring the underwater world in the Bahamas. You can have all this at an affordable rate because this month is among the less popular times to visit.
  • Southeast Asia: Another excellent place for cheap October sun holidays is Southeast Asia. Bali has beautiful nature and an exciting culture. It's a great mix of relaxing and exploring. Thailand has incredible islands like Phuket and Koh Samui, with warm oceans and greenery. So, it is a fantastic time to go and experience the magic of this part of the world without breaking the bank.
  • African Safari: Lastly, consider going to Africa for a fantastic time in the sun! This month has different temperatures all over Africa, with some places being in their dry season, which is great if you love animals. You can see the beautiful views and animals in Kenya and Tanzania.

October All-Inclusive Holidays

We want to make sure we go above and beyond your expectations. That's why our all-inclusive holidays in October are full of convenience and luxury. We want to give you the best of everything at an affordable rate. So, here's an overview of all you can have with our packages.

  • Return Flights: Say goodbye to spending hours finding flights that match your schedule and budget. Our packages include smooth return flights to ensure your journey is as stress-free as the holiday.
  • Comfortable Hotels: Luxury is not just an option; it's a guarantee. Our carefully selected hotels are more than just places to stay. They are your place of comfort after a long day of exploring. From breathtaking views to excellent service, your hotel is essential to your unforgettable experience.
  • Meals: Moreover, you can add meals with our cheap all-inclusive holidays in October. Whether you want breakfast only, half-board or full-board meals, we will make it happen. It also helps you avoid the stress of spending money repeatedly during your holiday.
  • Airport Transfers: Why worry about the logistics when we can handle it? No one wants to go through the hassle of finding a taxi right after a long flight. That's why we provide airport transfers for your return flights, so you can begin your holiday as soon as you land.
  • Tickets to Attractions: Lastly, to ensure no detail goes unattended, our holidays in October 2024 also offer the choice of arranging tickets to attractions. So, you can explore the wonders of your chosen destination without worrying about the tickets.


How can I get cheap October holidays from the UK?

Visit our website and use our price filter tool to match packages to your budget.

Can I get direct flights for October holiday deals in 2024?

Depending on the destination you choose, you may get direct flights.

How much do October holiday deals cost with Zippy?

Our October holidays in 2024 cost between £387 and £1500.

Are October breaks suitable for families?

Yes, it's great for family holidays. Many schools in the UK are usually off for a week in October for half-term holidays. So, it's the perfect time to enjoy a new destination with the kids.