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Antigua Holidays 2024

Explore Antigua Packages

Hawksbill Resort Antigua Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 1645 pp
Ocean Point Resort & Spa Couples Holidays

7 Nights

fr£ 1745 pp
Sandals Grande Antigua Couples Holidays

7 Nights

fr£ 2690 pp
The Escape at Nonsuch Bay Resort Couples Holidays

7 Nights

fr£ 1910 pp
St. James's Club & Villas, Antigua Couples HolidaysGirls Holidays

7 Nights

fr£ 2340 pp
Jolly Beach Resort & Spa Couples Holidays

7 Nights

fr£ 1640 pp
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Book Exciting Antigua Holidays With Zippy

Are you ready to switch up your routine for something incredible? Grab your adventurous spirit, sunscreen, and a bit of curiosity! We're going to a sunny paradise in the Caribbean with several beaches, lots of culture, and a guarantee of memories.

Antigua is a wonderful place with sunny weather and beautiful blue waters. It's like a dream where you can relax, experience thrilling adventures and create priceless memories. So, this Caribbean island is perfect if you want a holiday that's both fancy and great for families, couples, or a solo adventure!

All You Need to Know Before Your Holidays to Antigua

This place promises sunny days, sparkling nights, and a break from the usual. So, here's a list of reasons why going for the Antigua holidays in 2024 should be on top of your bucket list.

  • 365 Beaches: Imagine waking up to a new beach every morning of your holiday. Well, in Antigua, you get not just one or two but a whopping 365 beaches! Each beach has its speciality. Some are super quiet, like Half Moon Bay, and others are full of life, like Dickenson Bay. It's like each patch of sand has a tale to tell, just waiting for you to discover what makes it unique.
  • Weather: Moreover, this place has fantastic weather! Sunlight is present nearly every day. Plus, even when it rains, it's just a short shower that makes the air fresh and the landscapes vibrant.
  • Adventure: If you love excitement, Antigua is like a giant playground. You can swing through the trees on a zip line, swim with stingrays, or walk up to Shirley Heights for amazing views. So, whether you love big thrills or want a calm adventure, it has something for everyone.
  • History: However, it has more than sunny beaches and palm trees. It is also full of history and culture. So, check out Nelson's Dockyard—a UNESCO-recognised world heritage site. Explore the historic streets and experience the history of ships. And if you wish to witness the vibrant local culture, head to St. John's Market. It's a colourful spot to taste local foods and see traditions.

Find Cheap Antigua Holidays in a Click

When going on a holiday, everyone wants to save money, and Zippy understands that. That's why we are here to give you the best deals without any hassle. Just book with us, and you'll be guaranteed the best price. How, you wonder? We offer you a single package that includes all of the services.

Our Antigua holidays all-inclusive provide everything you could wish for. Of course, flights and hotels are already covered. But if you want, you can also add meals, airport transfers and tickets to attractions. Now, you might think adding more services means paying more. Yes, it does, but it reduces the overall cost. You won't have to spend money every step of your holiday because everything is already paid for.

Moreover, since we cover all the services, you don't need to stress over finding a reasonable price for everything. No more spending hours finding affordable yet good-quality flights; we will give you the best. Also, we have the top hotels in our affordable packages, so that's another responsibility taken care of. With the help of airport transfers, you don't have to worry about finding a reasonable rate on a taxi as soon as you land. With Zippy providing the meals, you are guaranteed to receive the best quality food at top-notch resorts. And, of course, if we provide you with tickets to attractions, you won't have to worry about their availability. We will pre-book them for you so you don't miss any chance to explore.

So, with the help of Zippy, you can easily find cheap Antigua holidays. Go to our website, choose Antigua as your destination, and you will have various options. Also, a savvy tip is to use our price filter tool to narrow down the choices to fit your budget.

Types of Antigua Holidays From the UK

So, we've already told you all about our all-inclusive deals. But that's not all we have. We provide options to suit all kinds of travellers. So, get ready to explore the various packages you can choose from.


Firstly, if you want the most outstanding experience, our luxury holidays to Antigua are the perfect choice. You can choose from the best hotels like Sandals Grande and St. James's Club & Villas. With private beach locations and all-inclusive amenities, these packages offer luxury. So, enjoy amazing views and relax in spas created with your relaxation in mind. This holiday is about treating yourself, enjoying delicious food, and feeling like royalty with the beautiful blue sea around you.

Family Fun

It might be a misconception that this place is only a good holiday destination for couples. Well, our family holidays to Antigua are here to prove otherwise. So, get ready for a holiday that everyone, young and old, can enjoy. You can play in the sand on beautiful beaches or discover the colourful underwater world by snorkelling. This unique spot is where families can create memorable experiences and have fun. Our family packages include hotels like Hawksbill Resort and Jolly Beach Resort & Spa, with kid-friendly services and activities.

Last Minute Thrills

And for our spontaneous folks, we have last-minute Antigua holidays for a quick and unplanned escape. Grab those sudden travel deals, hop on a plane, and land in paradise. Picture the excitement of being on the sandy beaches, all set to discover the incredible culture and beautiful views. Our last-minute deals are the perfect opportunity for an adventure that does not need any planning. Dive into the fun without any worries!


How much does a meal cost in Antigua?

A fast food meal would cost around £8, but eating at a restaurant will cost at least £37.

How long is a flight to Antigua from London?

A direct flight from London usually takes 9 hours.

What is the official currency of Antigua?

The East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) is used as the official currency.

How long are the holidays in Antigua with Zippy?

They last for 5 to 7 nights. But we can extend the duration on demand.