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Safari Holiday Packages 2024

Explore All Safari Holiday Packages and Book with Confidance

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Enjoy Safari Holidays With Zippy

Are you excited for the most fantastic adventure ever? Prepare yourselves because we're about to go on an incredible journey into the world of safari holidays. Welcome to Zippy Holidays, where we make your wildest dreams of exploring the wild come true!

But before we move on to the fun part, let's talk about safari holidays. These are different from your typical getaways. They're a mix of adventure, wildlife, and jaw-dropping scenery. Think about being right in the middle of nature, with incredible animals and landscapes that look like they're from a National Geographic show.

Get the Best Safari Holiday Packages

We know that getting ready for a safari holiday can be exciting but also confusing. That's why we are here to assist you in finding the best safari package holidays.

We think every safari should be unique, just like the traveller. That's why we have different safari choices that match your interests. So, whether you want to see big animals like lions and elephants or are more into watching birds and taking pictures, we can make your safari holidays 2024 all about what you love.

Moreover, a safari holiday doesn't have to be expensive. Our cheap safari holidays give you the best of both worlds. The fun of being out in the wild and the comfort of lovely places to stay can all be enjoyed with us.

Nobody wants to be surprised with extra charges when they're on holiday. That's why we also offer all-inclusive safari holidays. Your hotels, meals, and flights – it's all included. So, when you choose Zippy Holidays, you can enjoy every bit of your safari adventure without stressing about the details.

Furthermore, if you want your family to have a great time together in nature, our safari family holidays are a great option. These packages are designed so everyone can enjoy and remember this adventure.

Lastly, our luxury safari holidays are like no other. You get to stay in the best hotels, eat fantastic food, and go on exclusive game drives. You get VIP treatment while out in the wild.

Where to Go for Safari 2024

When it comes to safari adventures, South Africa is the perfect choice. It has a wide range of landscapes, wildlife, and experiences you'll love. The following are some of the must-see locations for your African safari holidays.

  • Kruger National Park: Kruger National Park is a true dream for animal lovers. It is a location where you can look at the Big Five and many other interesting animals.
  • Addo Elephant National Park: If you enjoy seeing elephants, you must visit Addo Elephant National Park. It's one of the rare spots on Earth where you can watch elephants being themselves in the wild. Get ready to be amazed when you see a lot of elephants roaming about freely.
  • Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park: For a unique adventure in the desert, go to Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It's a vast desert area that stretches across South Africa and Botswana. In this dry and wild place, you can see amazing animals that have learned to live in the desert. These include lions with dark manes and springboks.
  • Madikwe Game Reserve: But if you want a quiet safari experience, you should go to Madikwe Game Reserve. It's a hidden gem where you can enjoy a peaceful setting and see lots of amazing animals without too many people around.
  • Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park: Furthermore, this special place in KwaZulu-Natal is famous for helping rhinos. It's also an excellent location for those who like watching birds, with hundreds of species to spot.
  • Sabi Sands Game Reserve: If you want luxury safari holidays, Sabi Sands Game Reserve is a great choice. This private place is right next to Kruger National Park. So, you can see the Big Five animals up close and in style.

Cheap African Safari Package Holidays

Some people believe that going on an African safari is only for the rich. But with Zippy Holidays, you can achieve it without spending too much money. Our cheap African safari package holidays are made so you can enjoy a fantastic safari without it costing a lot.

When you choose our cheap Africa safari holiday, you can enjoy all the fun activities at a reasonable price. Our budget-friendly packages never cut down on quality.

The hotels might not cost much, but they're comfortable, clean, and in great spots near the animals. So, you'll have a cosy place to relax after your fun days. Moreover, even if you want a safari all-inclusive experience on a budget, you don't have to worry. The packages will still have all the same services, including hotels, flights, meals, and park tickets. And just because these packages are affordable does not mean you have few options. We have a selection of cheap safari holidays, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs.

Taking an African safari means creating special memories. Our packages are not too expensive, so you should not be concerned about your budget. Just think about how exciting it would be to see a lioness with her babies, elephants in the wild, or leopards in the grasslands. These are the moments you can have with our affordable South Africa safari holidays.

Why Go For Family Safari Holidays 2024

Are you trying to find a fun family holiday that also helps your kids learn? Well, you're in luck! Our family safari holidays 2024 are just what you need. Here are some reasons for going on this extraordinary adventure with your family.

  • Bonding Through Adventure: Firstly, going on a family safari holiday is a chance for your family to get closer while being in beautiful nature. Doing things together like watching animals, walking in the bush, and looking at the stars by the campfire makes perfect memories and makes your family even stronger.
  • Education: Safaris are like special outdoor classrooms for both kids and grown-ups. Expert guides show your family amazing things about nature. You can learn stuff like following animal tracks and why taking care of animals and nature is essential. It's a fun way to learn that is not available in a typical school.
  • Reconnect With Nature: Moreover, in our fast-moving digital world, going on a family safari lets you put away your screens and come closer to each other and nature. You can fully enjoy the wonderful outdoors when you're not busy with phones and tablets.
  • Wildlife: Imagine how happy your kid will be when they see a real elephant or lion up close on holiday. Family safaris let you get close to unique animals and cause interest in wildlife.
  • Customisation: We make packages for all families, regardless of size or age. Whether you have young kids or teenagers, we can plan the holiday to ensure it suits what your family likes and feels comfortable with.
  • Memories: Lastly, family safari holidays are full of memories. From seeing animals to cooking marshmallows under the night sky, these are the stories your family will never forget.

Compare Cheap to Luxury Safari Holidays

You have to make one big choice when you're getting ready for your safari holiday packages. Do you want to spend less money or go all out and have a luxurious experience? Your tastes and budget will impact your decision.

If you choose a safari that's easier on your wallet, you can count on staying in comfortable places that offer the basics. This could be cosy lodges or affordable hotels. Even though these places are not luxurious, they have what you need for a good rest after an exciting day of exploring and seeing animals.

But luxury safari holidays have a completely different level of hotels. You can enjoy fancy lodges or boutique-style tented camps with amazing views. These places are made to make you feel like a VIP while still being close to all the exciting wildlife stuff right outside your door.

Moreover, affordable safaris usually have group game drives. This is a great chance to see amazing animals like the Big Five. You'll have fun with your new friends and feel like a team.

On the other hand, luxury safaris are often exclusive, with smaller groups for game drives. This gives it a more private feel and a close-up nature adventure. And sometimes you can even go on your very own nature drive. That means you can go where you want and see what you're most interested in.

Deciding between a cheap and expensive safari depends on what you like and your budget. We have safari holiday packages for those who want an authentic adventure without spending too much and for those who want a luxurious experience. But no matter which one you go for, safari South Africa holidays mean you'll see amazing animals and places you'll always remember.

On a Final Note

At Zippy Holidays, we're not just travel planners but memory-makers. Our team of adventure-loving experts is about making your safari holiday dreams come true. Safety is our top priority; we're all about crafting a safari right for you. We take care of all the boring stuff so you can focus on having a blast and making memories that'll last a lifetime.

So, contact us today, and let's start planning your safari holiday. Get ready to set off on a journey that'll fuel your love for travel and give you stories to share with your grandkids. Don't just observe from the sidelines; dive into the untamed world with Zippy Holidays! Let's make your wildest dreams come true!


A Safari Holiday is like an adventure where you explore unique places, meet wild animals, and see stunning nature. Moreover, you go to national parks and reserves to observe wildlife in its natural setting.

Totally! Safety is our number 1 concern at Zippy Holidays. We team up with experts to make sure you stay safe and happy during your safari holiday. Just follow what your safari guide says, and you'll be good to go.

Packing smart is key! So, grab lightweight clothes that blend in with nature, closed-toe shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, a camera, and any meds you need.

The best time for safari holidays in South Africa is when it's not raining much, usually between May and September. At this time, you can see lots of animals because they gather around water sources. The weather is also nice, so you can go on jeep rides and do fun things outdoors.

Contact our travel experts, and they'll walk you through it. We'll discuss what you like, what you're into, and your budget. Then, we'll make a custom plan just for you. Your adventure is just around the corner. So, let's start planning now!