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All Inclusive Holidays to Larnaca

Explore Larnaca Packages

Destination Overview

Larnaca is a city by the sea in southern Cyprus. It has a cool history, beautiful beaches and cute villages. Travellers also like it for Finikoudes Beach. Larnaca's culture is interesting and diverse, too. They have fun festivals and yummy food that show off their culture. The people in Larnaca are famous for being warm, friendly, and kind.

Here are some facts about Larnaca that you should be aware of.

  • Currency: They use the Euro (EUR). This is the money you'll use to buy stuff during your visit.
  • Language: People mainly speak Greek and Turkish here. But don't worry, many people also understand English in tourist spots. Learning a bit of Greek or Turkish can help travellers connect better with locals.
  • Timezone: Larnaca's timezone is GMT +2.
  • Flight duration: The flight from London Heathrow takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Weather: It's usually 19°C outside. The wind blows from the northeast at 13 km/h, and the humidity is 51%. Perfect for outdoor activities.

Let Zippy Holidays help you have an amazing holiday! We have special packages and great service to make your getaway fun. From nice places to stay to amazing food, we'll ensure you have a fantastic time in Larnaca.

Here’s Why You Need To Book Larnaca Holidays

It is good to be curious about a destination you want to visit. Here are the things you can do in Larnaca:

Top Attractions To Visit

Larnaca has lots of cool stuff to see. The Saint Lazarus Church is really old and beautiful. Finikoudes Beach is famous for its golden sand and blue water, and there's also the Hala Sultan Tekkesi, which shows Cyprus's different cultures and religions.

Art & Culture

Go to the Archaeological Museum, and there, you'll see ancient things like pottery and sculptures that show how Cyprus was in the past. To pre-book the tickets, call our support team now.

Discover The Best Beaches

At Mackenzie Beach, the sand is so soft, and the water is super clear. If you're looking for a peaceful spot, head to Cape Kiti Beach. It's so calm there, and the sunsets are absolutely stunning with pink and gold colours.

Lush Natural Wonders

In springtime, you'll see something amazing at Salt Lake. Yes, you will see big groups of flamingos hanging out there! Moreover, you can get lost in Cyprus's peaceful nature, with its green fields and hills that give home to many plants and animals.

Must-Visit Historical Sites

Check out the Agia Napa Monastery. It's like a living storybook of Byzantine and Venetian artistry. Visitors can walk in its majestic halls and soak up tales of the past. Guides can be pre-booked with us for convenience.

Go On a Road Trip

Imagine driving down the road to the beautiful beaches of Protaras in Cyprus. It's sunny all around. Along the way, you'll see amazing views and charming little villages waiting to be explored. If renting a car for this sounds good, let us know, and we will rent it for you.

Best Hotels In Larnaca

You can pick from fancy hotels to cute little ones, suiting different tastes and budgets. Let's check out the best hotels in Larnaca, and these can be booked through us.

  • Indigo Hotel: It is super comfy and also has an exceptional menu. The big rooms have awesome views of the city or the sea. You can take perfect holiday pictures here.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel: Big fan of luxury? Check out the Radisson Blu Hotel. It's fancy and has amazing service. The lobby looks cool, and the rooms are comfy.
  • The Josephine Boutique Hotel: It's quiet and cosy, away from the busy city. Each room is special and fancy. The hotel staff are super nice and pay attention to every detail. The food here is just amazing.
  • Lordos Beach Hotel: The Lordos Beach Hotel is perfect for beach lovers. It's on Larnaca Bay, so you can enjoy the sun and sand. Moreover, travellers can relax on the private beach, swim in the clear water, and enjoy spa treatments as well.
  • Golden Bay Beach Hotel: The Golden Bay Beach Hotel is the top spot for luxury. It's by the beautiful sea and offers amazing comfort. You can relax in the spa or eat fancy food at the hotel's restaurants.

Popular Holidays - Presented By Zippy Holidays

Welcome to Zippy Holidays, where we've got tons of awesome packages just for you! Everyone likes different stuff when they go on holiday, so we've picked out all kinds of cool adventures for every type of traveller.

  • Family Holidays: From awesome theme parks to neat cultural spots, you'll make great memories of exploring Larnaca together and doing cool stuff. Moreover, our family-friendly accommodations ensure that your holiday is super comfy and easy.
  • Beach Holidays: Larnaca has the most beautiful beaches ever. In this package, you can relax on the beautiful beaches or try out fun water sports. With stunning sunsets and yummy drinks, our beach getaways are all about chilling by the sea.
  • Safari Packages: Explore cool landscapes and see awesome animals in their natural homes. Every moment is full of fun and discovery, from thrilling drives to cool walks. Moreover, the guides booked with us will ensure your safety while exploring nature's beauty.
  • Couple Holidays: Time for some romance! Enjoy romantic dinners, walks on quiet beaches, and relaxing spa treatments. Larnaca is the perfect destination to fall in love all over again, and our packages make that easy.
  • All-Inclusive Holidays: Everything's taken care of, so you can relax and have a blast. Enjoy yummy food, tasty drinks, and fun activities without worrying about extra costs. If there is anything else that you want to add to your Larnaca holiday, let us know.
  • Luxury Holidays: From plush hotels to top-notch service, every part of the getaway is designed to wow travellers. Plus, being all royal in Larnaca has its perks. You can get more by spending less!

Why Book Larnaca Holidays With Us

Now that you have decided to go to Larnaca, here are some reasons to book with us.

Your Holiday is Safe

When picking us for your holiday, know that ATOL protects it. What's that? It's like a safety net for your holiday. If things go wrong, like the airline or travel company faces issues, travellers won't lose money and can get back home safely. So, with us, the holiday is fun and secure.

Easy On The Wallet

Booking a holiday can seem like a big money deal. That's why we offer low deposits. It's like a small upfront amount to lock in your dream getaway without hurting the wallet. So, take the first step towards your dream holiday without stressing the cost.

Quick and Easy Booking

No more wasting hours searching for the perfect holiday. With us, it takes just minutes! Our website is easy, and the search tools are your best buddies. Explore destinations, accommodations, and activities tailored to your preferences and budget. Plan your holiday stress-free with a few clicks, whether it's a beach retreat, a city break, or an adventurous journey.

Book Now!

Booking now means saying hi to amazing experiences! When booking now, travellers can visit many cool spots, from beaches to cities. Moreover, booking now means getting special offers and discounts. Enjoying fancy hotels and yummy food for less is possible! Travellers can also pick the best dates and places and change their plans. Just let us know beforehand.

So, don't wait; plan everything today.


Going to Larnaca feels like entering a beautiful place from a storybook. Larnaca has a nice mix of old-fashioned charm and modern comforts. You can walk along its small streets with cosy cafes and shops or enjoy the view of the blue Mediterranean Sea. There’s a lot to do, so yes, you should visit Larnaca.

The best times to visit Larnaca are spring (March to May) and fall (September to November) when it's warm but not too crowded. Spring brings flowers and perfect weather for outdoor fun, while fall is mild and great for exploring without the summer heat.

Pack light clothes suitable for warm weather. Bring cotton shirts, shorts, dresses, and comfy sandals for walking around the city.

While some things might be expensive, there are many affordable choices, especially when dining at local restaurants and visiting markets. Planning a holiday with us enables travellers to enjoy Larnaca without overspending.

It depends on what you want to do, but spending 3 to 5 days in Larnaca lets you see the main sights and have time to relax. You can experience the culture, try local food, and find hidden spots to explore.

Yes! Zippy Holidays lets travellers book their Larnaca getaway now and pay later. It's a great way to plan a holiday without worrying about paying everything upfront.