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Couples Holidays Packages

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Travel With Zippy for Your Couples' Holidays

Spending time with your partner is wonderful. And one of the best ways to do that is by going on memorable couples holidays together! Imagine you and your special someone holding hands and going to beautiful places. You can enjoy the sun on beaches, eat good food, and make memories that will make you both happy. Whether you want a romantic beach holiday, a getaway that doesn't cost too much, or a fancy one where everything is included, there are many great couple holidays 2024 just for you.

With Zippy Holidays, you can go on a thrilling journey filled with love. We have it all, from luxury to cheap couples holiday packages. So, get your bags ready, forget your problems, and prepare to be inspired by the most romantic getaways in 2024. Love is all around, and we're here to help you out!

Cheap Holidays for Couples

You might think romance costs a lot of money, but guess what? With Zippy Holidays, you can easily find cheap couple holidays from the UK. So, here are some tips to get the best deals!

  • Explore European Destinations: Firstly, consider couple holiday destinations within Europe. It has many lovely places for couples to visit that won't cost too much. Imagine walking on the old streets of Spain, enjoying the sea in Malta, or looking at the beautiful buildings in Lisbon. You can find cheap flights and places to stay in Europe for a romantic holiday that won't break the bank.
  • Cosy Cabins: Sometimes, you don't need to get fancy to enjoy romantic moments. Going to a small cabin in the countryside can be romantic. You can get close to nature and spend time together. It could be in the woods, by a calm lake, or looking at a beautiful valley. These little cabins are great for a romantic getaway.
  • Off-Peak Season: Moreover, cheap couples' holiday packages are readily available during the off-peak season. Large crowds won't be an issue, and you can find good bargains for hotels and activities. Think about visiting a beautiful city like Paris in the wintertime or going to a lovely beach when it's not too busy. It's a smart trick to enjoy a fancy experience without the extra cost.
  • Visit Nearby Places: Remember to enjoy the nice things around where you live. Staying close to home for couples' weekend breaks can be romantic and affordable.
  • Package Deals: Lastly, look for all-inclusive couples holidays that include plane tickets, hotels, meals and much more. We have the best deals for all-inclusive holidays for couples. So, you can visit unique places together without spending too much money.

Destinations for Romantic Holidays for Couples

You have several choices for couples' holidays 2024. No matter whether you seek a romantic dinner or want to relax on a quiet beach. These spots are made for those in love.

  • Pattaya City, Thailand: Firstly, Pattaya City is a lovely place in Thailand that's great for couples looking for a romantic getaway. It has beautiful beaches, fun activities, and a lively nightlife. You can relax or go on adventures. Make sure to see the fantastic sunset at Pattaya Viewpoint and visit the Sanctuary of Truth, a wooden temple. It's a special place where you can enjoy both peace and excitement.
  • Maldives: The Maldives is like a fairy tale place for people in love. It has huts on clear water and lots of colourful fish in the coral reefs. It's a great spot to relax, swim together, and see the sunshine over the Indian Ocean. Everything in the Maldives looks like a beautiful picture, and it's a perfect spot for a couples' beach holiday.
  • Santiago, Chile: Moreover, if you're a couple who likes city fun and beautiful nature, Santiago, Chile, is an excellent place for you. Incredible mountains surround the city called the Andes, making it a lovely spot for your romantic adventures. You can walk in the neighbourhood of Barrio Bellavista, enjoy delicious Chilean food, and even visit vineyards to taste wine.
  • Lisbon, Portugal: Lastly, Lisbon is where the past and the present come together. You can walk on its stone streets, see old buildings, and enjoy beautiful river views. Remember to visit São Jorge, an ancient castle, try tasty Portuguese food, and ride on a special tram up and down the city's hilly streets. So, it is a beautiful spot for couples who want a mix of old European charm and the coast's beauty.

What to Expect for All-Inclusive Couples Holidays

When choosing couple holiday packages, all-inclusive options are a great choice. These are like magic packages. They take you and your partner to a place where you don't have to worry about anything because everything is already planned for you. So, let's look at what you can expect when you book couples all-inclusive holidays.

  • Flights: Your journey starts with easy plane rides. Our romantic holidays for couples all inclusive include roundtrip flights to your destination from the UK. So you don't need to spend hours looking for reasonable prices or figuring out a schedule. We plan it all for you so your romantic getaway can begin without problems.
  • Hotels: Upon your arrival, you can stay in the best hotels in the place you visit. You can choose from various accommodations based on your preferences and budget. You can have whatever you want, from cosy bungalows by the beach to fancy suites in the middle of the city.
  • Airport Transfers: Covering the distance between the airport and your hotel can sometimes be stressful. But if you choose an all-inclusive deal, you won't need to worry. Our couples' holiday packages usually include a ride from the airport to your hotel. It's a stress-free start to your romantic getaway.
  • Meals: If you want, you can also add meals to your couple package holidays. Depending on what you choose, you can eat at fancy restaurants or relaxed places by the beach. It's a great choice for those who love food and a fun way to taste the local dishes.
  • Park Tickets: Lastly, we also include park tickets in our couples' all-inclusive holidays. So, if you want to visit interesting places, go on exciting adventures, or chill on a beach, this package could have everything you need.

Weekend Breaks for Couples

When you want to have a great time with your partner, you don't always have to go big. Sometimes, planning a lovely weekend away can provide you with long-lasting memories. So, weekend breaks for couples are perfect if you want to add some excitement to your relationship without taking a long break.

The big difference between weekend getaways and longer holidays is how long they last. Weekend breaks are like squeezing lots of fun into just a few days. Even if you can't take a whole week off, you can still break away from your usual routine and enjoy a different place for a little while.

Moreover, short breaks on the weekends are usually more unplanned. You might choose to visit a nearby city on a Thursday night or stay in a comfy countryside place, and by Friday, you're off. It can feel like an exciting adventure because you don't need to plan a lot.

Another great thing about weekend breaks is the short distance. Unlike full-blown couples holidays, quick getaways are usually close to your home. As a result, you spend less time travelling and more time having fun at your destination. Whether it's a cosy bed-and-breakfast in a nearby town or a hotel in a nearby city, you can enjoy a different place without going far away.

Taking quick breaks can also make your relationship stronger. When you don't have much time, you can pay attention to each other and do what you enjoy most. Visit a new museum or go for a nice walk. Spending time together like this can make you feel much closer.

Lastly, it's also a good way to cut costs. You can have a romantic getaway without spending as much as you would on a more extended holiday.

On a Final Note

One thing is evident as we reach the end: love can happen anywhere. You have many choices, from short breaks, all-inclusive options, and budget-friendly getaways. So, it is up to you to choose what fits your preferences.

But don't wait for the perfect moment; create it now. Start planning a memorable holiday for you and your loved one. Get ready to leave and let your love story unfold in a beautiful place. So, visit our website and plan your next exciting, love-filled journey. Zippy Holidays is here to help you with ideas and guidance for your plans!


Going for about 4 to 5 days is preferred. Shorter breaks over the weekend are also a great option.

Couples enjoy spending time together on holiday by taking beach walks, cruises or having dinners. Relaxing at the spa or hiking is also a great way to bond.

It's a good idea to book couple package holidays 3 to 6 months before you want to go.

Spring and fall are best because the weather is nice, and few people are around. This makes it great for a calm getaway. But if you want romantic beach holidays, summer is the best time.

You may pay in full or break the payments into instalments. We offer 3,6, 9 and 12-month instalments. Plus, you only have to make an initial payment of £49.