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Mykonos Holiday Packages

Explore Mykonos Packages

Mykonos View Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 549 pp
Kamari Hotel - 3 Star Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 939 pp
Amarelo Villas- 3 Star Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 705 pp
Harmony Boutique Hotel-Breakfast - 4 Star Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 612 pp
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Mykonos Destination Overview

Mykonos is a beautiful island in Greece that is famous for its lovely beaches, fun nightlife, and interesting history. You'll find cute white villages and lots of things to do here. The people in Mykonos are nice, and their culture is a mix of old Greek traditions and modern influences. Travellers can learn about their culture by attending festivals, trying Greek food, and visiting art galleries.

  • Weather: Mykonos's weather is like the Mediterranean, which means it's hot and dry in the summer and not too cold in the winter.
  • Currency: The Euro is used for money. You can exchange money at banks, exchange places, or ATMs all over the island. Most places also take credit cards, making buying things easy.
  • Language: Greek is the main language, but many people also speak English, especially in places where tourists go. You can easily talk to locals, order food, and ask for directions in English.
  • Timezone: It's two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, so it is GMT +2. Remember to set your watch to sync with the local time upon arrival.
  • Flight Duration: On average, flying from Heathrow Airport to Mykonos takes about 8 hours via connecting flight.

Plan your holiday with Zippy Holidays now for an amazing experience on this beautiful Greek island! We offer great deals and personalised service to make holidays unforgettable.

Why Book Mykonos Holidays

Here are some major reasons to visit Mykonos:

Discover The Best Beaches

There are 23 beaches in Mykonos, each with its own special charm. You can relax in the sun, dip in the sea, or even try some water sports. And don't miss the hidden gems, like secret coves and rocky areas.

Some popular beaches include:

  • Platis Gialos Beach
  • Ornos Beach
  • Kapari Beach
  • Elia Beach

Book a holiday to any of these beautiful spots with Zippy Holidays for your perfect Mykonos beach holiday!

Hit The Nightlife & Bar Scene

When it gets dark, Mykonos gets fun! There are plenty of exciting places to enjoy yourself, such as:

  • 54 Cocktail Lounge & Skybar
  • Lola Mykonos
  • The Garden
  • Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos

Travellers can dance outside, drink cocktails at fancy bars, or watch the sunset by the sea with a drink.

Top Attractions To Visit

You have to see the famous windmills in Mykonos Town! They're super old and painted white, looking out over the town. Another must-visit spot is Little Venice. It has cute cafes and shops right by the water. And don't forget to visit the Church of Panagia Paraportiani. It's really old and has a unique style that is typical of this area.

Romantic Spots

We all enjoy a bit of romance, right? In Mykonos, you'll discover peaceful beaches, charming cafes with sunset, and adorable villages. Couples can also stroll together through the narrow streets of Mykonos Town, watch the sunset at a cosy café in Agios Ioannis, or go on a private boat ride to Delos Island.

Fine Dining Scene

You can't leave Mykonos without trying the food. There are many choices, from classic Greek places to fancy restaurants. Imagine this: having a nice dinner by the sea in Little Venice, eating fresh seafood at a beach restaurant, or enjoying a fancy meal made by a famous chef. Mykonos is the best for yummy food.

Must-Visit Historical Sites

History lovers will have a blast exploring all the cool old places in Mykonos.

  • Check out the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. It has lots of old things from when the island was first discovered.
  • Take a tour of Delos. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site and super important in Greek history.

You'll find many interesting spots to explore, including old churches and ancient artefacts.

Popular holidays

At Zippy Holidays, we have many different holiday packages for every budget. You can pick from packages that include everything, grab last-minute deals, go for something fancy, and more. We'll handle all the details so you can focus on having an amazing time.

  • All-Inclusive Holidays: Travellers won't have to worry about a thing when they choose our all-inclusive Mykonos holiday packages. We care for everything, from flights and accommodations to meals and getting around.
  • Last Minute Holidays: Imagine going to Mykonos without any prior planning. With our last-minute offers, you can do just that. Moreover, travellers can save big on flights, hotels, and more, making it easy to enjoy a spontaneous holiday.
  • Luxury Holidays: Spoil yourself with our special luxury packages for Mykonos. Travellers will stay in the fanciest places with awesome views and great service. We'll ensure you have the best time ever with VIP treatment and fun things to do.
  • Family Holidays: Mykonos is perfect for families. Travellers can play on the beach, visit old buildings, and try yummy Greek food. So, if you book with us, we'll help you find the best places to stay with your family.

Don’t stress, just pick a package or call us now to customise one.

Best Hotels For Mykonos Holiday

We've picked out some really great hotels! Have a look:

  • Mykonos View: This hotel sits on a hill, so you can see everything up high. The rooms are big and comfy, and there's a cool swimming pool where you can splash around.
  • Kamari Hotel: It's just a short walk from the sandy shores, so you can easily spend your days lounging in the sun or dipping in the crystal-clear water. The rooms here are stylish and modern, with everything you need for a comfy stay.
  • Amarelo Villas: The villas are super spacious, and you can swim in private pools while enjoying amazing sea views.
  • Harmony Boutique Hotel: The rooms are so elegant and comfortable. Moreover, if you're feeling hungry, there are plenty of delicious restaurants nearby where you can try authentic Greek cuisine.

Why Book With Us

At Zippy Holidays, we want to ensure you have the best holiday ever right from the moment you start planning. Here are some perks of booking with us:

  • Safe Booking with ATOL Protection
  • Easy on Your Wallet with Low Deposits
  • Find Your Dream Holiday in No Time


Spring (April to May) or fall (September to October) are the best time to visit Mykonos.

Yes. It's safe, especially in tourist spots. But it's always smart to be cautious, especially at night.

That's up to you! However, travellers can discover Mykonos in 3-5 days.

Yep, it's a small island. Remember, some streets can be steep and bumpy, so comfy shoes are a good idea.

Sure, it's known for its nightlife, but there's more to it. The beaches are gorgeous, cute little towns to explore, and you can even check out some ancient ruins.

Absolutely! Kids can build sandcastles on the beach, explore old buildings, and even go on boat rides. So bring the whole family along for some fun in the sun!