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Cheap Holidays to Malta With Zippy

Dreaming about beautiful blue waters, old-time charm, and lively Mediterranean energy? Well, guess what? Zippy has got your way to an affordable getaway in the middle of the Mediterranean! We've figured out how to have great but cheap holidays in Malta in 2024, and we're excited to share the details!

Malta is a group of sunny islands in the Mediterranean Sea full of history, incredible traditions, and fantastic scenery. Picture walking on cobblestone streets, exploring old buildings, and relaxing on the beaches. It has a bit of everything for a holiday – great for relaxing and exploring. So, it's a fantastic place for your next getaway!

Why Go for Holidays to Malta in 2024

In the grand tapestry of travel destinations, this place stands out as a jewel in the Mediterranean crown. Why, you ask? Well, let's unravel the magic and discover why packing your bags for this place in 2024 is not just a choice; it's a celebration of life, culture, and unmatched beauty.

  • History: Malta has an incredible history that you can see in its limestone walls, ancient temples, and the capital city of Valletta. The capital is so unique that it's even recognised by UNESCO! The history goes back thousands of years. Also, you can walk around the old streets of Mdina, check out the Grand Master's Palace, and visit the ancient Hypogeum to feel like you're in a different time.
  • Beaches: If you love the sun and beaches, this place is like a perfect fantasy. Picture yourself feeling the warm sand at Golden Bay, enjoying the sunshine from the Mediterranean, and letting the blue waves wash away your stress. The beaches have a mix of rocky cliffs and secret spots. So, it's an excellent place for chilling out and having exciting adventures.
  • Underwater Adventure: This place is not just beautiful above the water – it's also amazing below! You can go underwater in the Blue Grotto, where the sea looks like magic with a special blue glow. Or, check out the colourful sea life when you dive in Gozo. It doesn't matter if you're a pro at diving or trying it for the first time. The underwater world will amaze you and take your breath away.
  • Culture: Lastly, you will find a diversity of cultures here. The mix of the influences of ancient Phoenicians and the Knights of St. John make it a colourful and lively mix of traditions. So, join in on local celebrations and try tasty Mediterranean foods.

Simple Way to Get Cheap Malta Holidays

If you're excited about getting cheap holidays to Malta, you're in luck. At Zippy, we're good at making travel dreams come true. And guess what? We're about to share the easiest way to get affordable deals.

Explore Our Deals

Firstly, our website is made for you! It's like taking a relaxing walk in the streets of Malta. Just go to our website and choose Malta as your destination, and you'll see a result page that's easy to navigate. So, pick when you want to go, choose what you like, and there you go – your memorable holiday is just a few clicks away!

Also, don't worry; we don't go by the one-size-fits-all philosophy. We know that each person is different, with different preferences and budgets. Therefore, we have deals for all kinds of travellers. So, whether you dream of cheap all-inclusive holidays in Malta or a comfy stay in a historic place, we've got what you need.

Beat Your Price Quote

Now, you may wonder if you'll get a better price elsewhere for the same package. But we can assure you, you won't. How, you ask? We promise to give you the best prices for your travel plans. So, if you find a cheaper price elsewhere, we won't just match it; we'll beat it! Our only goal is to make your search for cheap holidays in Malta easy.

Ease of Booking

Lastly, booking your journey is super easy after you've researched, planned, and found the offer that excites you. Our payment systems make sure your payment goes through without any problems. So, once you've confirmed your booking, congrats! You're officially on your way to enjoying Malta's beautiful vibes!

Tips to Have the Best Holidays in Malta From UK

When going for a holiday to Malta from the UK, you want everything to be smooth from start to finish. Our packages ensure everything goes exactly how you want it. But here are a few extra tips to ensure your journey goes perfectly.

  • Book Early: Booking a package well in advance does not only lead to better prices. You can also choose from various packages that may not be available at the last minute. So, don't waste more time, and pick a deal today!
  • Pack Light: Moreover, pack light and easy for sunny days and a relaxed atmosphere. Bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, and comfy shoes for unexpected adventures. Also, make sure there's room in your suitcase for all the souvenirs you'll buy!
  • Go All-Inclusive: One of the best ways to get Malta cheap holidays and have a worry-free experience is to go all-inclusive. So, let the pros take care of the details, like meals and activities, so you can enjoy the incredible experience.
  • Explore: Checking out famous tourist spots like Valletta and Blue Lagoon must be at the top of your list. And why not? They are famous for a reason. But do not shy away from exploring the lesser-known places. So, stroll in the local markets, talk to the locals, and try real Maltese food at cute little restaurants. It will make your experience a million times better.
  • Stay Flexible: Lastly, things sometimes go differently than planned, and that's what makes it unique. Leave space for surprises and changes. You might find a secret beach or a local festival, creating the most memorable moments when you least think they'll happen.


Will I get direct flights if I book holidays to Malta from London?

Depending on the package you choose, you may get a direct flight. The travel time with a direct flight is only 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Where is Malta located?

It is a small group of islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It's south of Italy and to the east of Tunisia.

What is the emergency number in Malta?

The emergency number is 112. You can use it for medical, fire, and police emergency services.

How much do Malta holidays cost with Zippy?

They start from £449 and go up to £1979.