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Amsterdam Holiday Packages

Budget-Friendly Adventures in Amsterdam Await! Book Your 2024/25 Getaway Now.

Amsterdam: Destination Overview

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and a stunning destination. It is famous for its art, canal system, and charming narrow houses from the 17th-century Golden Age. The people are really friendly and open. Whether sitting in a nice cafe, chatting, or just strolling through the busy streets, you'll feel like you belong here. There are also many museums, galleries, and beautiful places to visit.

Travellers can enjoy live music in cosy bars or attend outdoor concerts in parks and stadiums.

  • Weather: The weather is nice and not too extreme, so travellers can visit anytime
  • Currency: They use the Euro (EUR)
  • Culture: Amsterdam has street performers, art installations, and music festivals yearly
  • Language: People in the Amsterdam speak Dutch. Many people speak English, so travellers can easily talk to locals and find their way around
  • Timezone: Amsterdam follows Central European Time (CET), GMT +1. Travellers are advised to adjust their clocks
  • Flight duration: A non-stop flight from Heathrow Airport to Amsterdam takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes

Are you excited to explore Amsterdam? Zippy Holidays is here to make your holiday amazing! We offer unbeatable deals that suit every budget. Moreover, our team of experts is ready to assist you with everything. So, don't wait any longer; book with Zippy Holidays now!

Reasons To Book Amsterdam Holidays Now!

Amsterdam is not just a regular city; it is full of history, culture, and cool things to see and do. Let's explore why booking a holiday to Amsterdam from the UK is necessary.

Top City Attractions

From old stories to beautiful art, there's something for everyone here. Let's check out some awesome places you should visit:

  • Anne Frank House: Learn about Anne Frank, a brave girl who hid in war. Now, her hiding place is a museum where you can see how she lived
  • Royal Palace of Amsterdam: Feel like a king or queen in this fancy palace where royals used to live
  • Dam Square: It's a fun spot to explore and learn about the city's past
  • Van Gogh Museum: Visit this museum to see amazing paintings by the famous artist Vincent van Gogh
  • Keukenhof Gardens: Travellers can walk around this huge garden and see millions of pretty flowers. It's also one of the biggest flower gardens in the world

You can also take a boat ride along the city's canals to see Amsterdam from a different perspective.

Hit The Nightlife & Bar Scene

Travellers can visit live music spots, find clubs hidden in old buildings, or go to underground parties in secret locations. Amsterdam also has plenty of cosy bars where anyone can sit back and enjoy a drink. Moreover, music lovers will love Amsterdam because of its jazz clubs and big concert halls.

Best Art Galleries For Your Insta Shots

You'll see amazing artwork in art galleries and studios that makes you feel all sorts of things. Some paintings are happy and colourful, while others are more serious or sad. With plenty of beautiful pieces, many great photo spots can be shared online. Who knows? You might discover a new favourite artist or artwork while taking photos for social media.

Picturesque City Break

Jordaan is a gorgeous neighbourhood in Amsterdam. It has so many adorable cafes, shops, and boutiques. The chill vibe of this neighbourhood makes it super easy to just relax and enjoy the moment. And, of course, don't forget to snap some pics along the canals. Moreover, you can enjoy bike rides in Amsterdam to the fullest as they have a strong cycling culture.

Explore the Local Markets

At the market, you'll be greeted by a rainbow of blooms, filling the air with their sweet fragrance. Travellers can shop for all kinds of flowers, snacks and vegetables here. And if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of vendors selling their goods from boats on the canal. Meanwhile, the flea markets have unique finds like vintage clothing and antique furniture.

Must Visit Bloemenmarkt!

Bloemenmarkt is a must-see attraction in Amsterdam. It is known as the world's only floating flower market. It's a unique experience where you can stroll along the canal and admire the colourful displays of flowers and plants while surrounded by the picturesque scenery of Amsterdam's waterways.

Moreover, Bloemenmarkt is an excellent place to find unique souvenirs to take home. From flower bulbs to quirky flower-themed trinkets, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Best Hotels For Amsterdam Holiday - Presented By Zippy Holidays

Let Zippy Holidays guide you to the best hotels in the city! We've carefully selected a range of top-notch accommodations to ensure a fantastic and comfortable stay during your cheap Amsterdam holiday.

  • Hotel Twenty-Seven: From comfy beds to amazing city views, it's got it all. Once you walk in, you'll feel like a king or queen. Plus, the staff here is very understanding and sweet.
  • Luxury Suites Amsterdam: They pay attention to everything to ensure guests have a memorable time. Whether you're travelling for work or fun, Luxury Suites Amsterdam is great for travellers who like nice things.
  • Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky: This hotel is super fancy, with beautiful decorations and amazing food. Their menu is filled with delicious options that will surely satisfy your cravings. The staff are also super nice and make sure you have a great time during your stay

Popular Holidays

We've got all kinds of amazing packages that fit your budget and what you love.

  • All-Inclusive Holidays: Imagine not having to plan a single thing and just enjoying your holiday to the fullest. That's what our all-inclusive package to Amsterdam offers! We take care of flights, accommodations, food and drinks, and even the fun things you do while you're there.
  • Last-Minute Holidays: Picture this: you decide on a Friday evening to explore Amsterdam, and you're strolling along its streets by Saturday afternoon. With our last-minute deals, anything can be done!
  • Luxury Holiday: Imagine staying in a five-star hotel, dining at the finest restaurants, and experiencing Amsterdam like never before. Our luxury packages make you feel like a celebrity from start to finish! We pull out all the stops to make the holiday extra special.
  • Family Holidays: Think of all the laughter, adventures, and bonding moments you'll share in Amsterdam with your family. Our family holiday packages are tailored to ensure everyone has a blast With kid-friendly accommodations and exciting activities.

Why Book With Zippy Holidays?

We have some great reasons why booking with us is a fantastic idea.

  • ATOL Protection: Feel safe and secure knowing your investment is well cared for. ATOL protection gives peace of mind, allowing you to focus on enjoying your holiday worry-free
  • Happy Customers: Join thousands of happy customers who've chosen Zippy Holidays for their adventures. Our track record speaks for itself
  • Stress-Free Planning: Planning a holiday should be fun, not stressful. Our booking system is super easy to use, and our personalised service means you'll get exactly what you need without any hassle

So why wait? Book now and start counting down the days until your Amsterdam adventure begins!


It's recommended to stay for at least 3 to 4 days. This gives you enough time to explore the city's famous attractions and experience its unique culture.

Amsterdam can be budget-friendly for holidaymakers, especially if you take advantage of our special deals and packages. Moreover, watch for discounts on attractions and transportation to maximise savings.

Consider travelling between November and March. These months offer lower prices and fewer crowds, making finding cheap deals on airfare and accommodations easier.

Absolutely! Amsterdam has very little crime, and the people there are known for being nice and friendly.

Yes! This plan allows you to secure your holiday booking without paying the full amount upfront.

Yes! Amsterdam is super bike-friendly, with bike lanes everywhere and many places to rent bikes.