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If you dream of sunny beaches this summer, Turkey is the place to go. Turkey’s coastlines are full of fun resorts and peaceful spots for a quiet getaway. Turkey has stunning beaches along the Turkish Riviera, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Coast, and Black Sea Coast. Here, travellers can enjoy local culture and waters and maybe see sea turtles in the summer.

Zippy Holidays has created this guide so all travellers can discover their ideal Turkish beach destination!

Best Beaches in Turkey to Relax & Unwind

Turkey Beach

Zippy Holidays has researched and found the 15 best beaches in Turkey. These holidays are created with our travellers in mind. We personally think that our all-inclusive beach holidays to Turkey would bring a smile to your face.

Before we start, please note that there are three regions. They are:

  • Dalaman Region Beaches
  • Izmir Region Beaches
  • Antalya Region Beaches

Get ready to explore some of the most amazing beaches in Turkey!

Dalaman Region Beaches

Let’s start with these!

1. Akyaka Beach: Marmaris Area

Akyaka Beach is just 20 minutes from Marmaris. This small seaside village has traditional restaurants, cute markets, and the cold Azmak River. Travellers can always take a boat trip or enjoy a seafood meal by the river. It’s always windy in Akyaka, so you won’t have any issues, even on hot days. We advise renting a sunbed and parasol or getting a free sunbed by eating at one of the beach restaurants.

Moreover, the sunsets here are breathtaking, which adds to the chilled-out vibe. However, in July and August, bring mosquito repellant with you.

2. Incekum: Marmaris Area

Incekum Beach is another gem of a beach about 20 minutes from Marmaris. You’ll pay a small fee and take a tractor-trailer ride through country lanes to reach this beautiful spot. The sea here is so clear, you can see yourself in it. Travellers can rent sunbeds and cabanas, and there’s a café for refreshments.

We like this beach because it is peaceful and without loud music. The beach closes at 7 p.m., so don’t miss the tractor ride back to the car park. However, if you miss the ride, just wear your walking shoes because otherwise, it’s a long walk!

3. Icmeler Beach: Marmaris Area

Icmeler Beach is just right for a quiet day by the sea. It’s backed by beautiful mountains, which makes it a scene out of a movie. This beach is also considered a family-friendly beach with several cafés and restaurants.

Compared to busy Marmaris, Icmeler is much more relaxed. You won’t be hassled by vendors here. However, you can wave for service if you need a drink or a bite. Our advice is to enjoy watersports, shows, and eat unlimited ice cream!

4. Iztuzu (Turtle Beach): Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach, also known as Turtle Beach, is famous for its Caretta Caretta turtles. It’s a wide, expansive beach perfect for all kinds of nature enthusiasts. Travellers can see impressive birds and other wildlife here, so bringing your binoculars is advisable to enjoy the premium experience. The beach has a freshwater stream instead of seawater, which makes it different from other beaches.

You can’t go to the beach in the evening because turtles come to lay their eggs. You can’t use umbrellas to protect the turtles either (write this down!). This area is protected, so visitors need to be careful and follow the rules to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

5. Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz (Kumburnu Plaji): Fethiye

The sea here is an incredibly bright blue, and the sand is very white. Many people come here to try paragliding and parasailing, which means you can see people floating down from the sky. The water is very calm, and the surroundings are beautiful, with many pine trees and mountains. It looks like a perfect picture.

The town around the Blue Lagoon is quiet and calm, distinguishing it from other busy places in the Dalaman area.

6. Butterfly Valley: Fethiye

Butterfly Valley is a special place where many different kinds of butterflies come yearly. It’s a protected area, so visitors need to be careful not to leave any trash behind. This beach is very beautiful and perfect for people who love nature.

Getting to Butterfly Valley can be a bit tough. You need to hike or take a boat, but once you get there, you’ll see it’s worth the effort. The beach is small, sandy, and not too crowded. There are only a few cafés, so it’s a peaceful place to spend the day away from the busy city. So, if you love being in nature, Butterfly Valley is a wonderful spot to visit.

7. Calis Beach: Fethiye

Calis Beach is a long beach with golden sand in Fethiye, across from the marina. The sunsets here are beautiful, and many people come just to see the sun go down. Even though many people visit, the beach is so long that it never feels too crowded. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas here, and there are many bars and restaurants behind the beach.

Note: The sea can get a bit wavy, so be careful if you have small children. Overall, Calis Beach is a fun and lively place to spend a few hours in the sun.

8. Kabak Beach: Fethiye

Kabak Beach is a beautiful spot on the Lycian Way between Fethiye and Oludeniz. It’s surrounded by green mountains, which make the blue sea look even more stunning.

Kabak Beach is also a campsite with a small café and restaurant. There isn’t much entertainment here, so bring everything you need for the day. The sea is calm, and the natural setting is perfect for relaxing. However, travellers might find mosquitoes here, so don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent and try to cover yourself accordingly!

Izmir Region Beaches

9. Pamucak Beach: Kusadasi

Pamucak Beach is about 20 minutes from Kusadasi and close to the Ephesus ruins. This beach is perfect for families. You can camp here, rent sun loungers and parasols, and there is a small café for snacks. Pamucak Beach isn’t too crowded or loud, so it’s a peaceful day.

Moreover, the sunsets are beautiful, so staying until the sun goes down is worth staying. It’s a great spot for a relaxing day by the sea with family.

Antalya Region Beaches

10. Patara Beach: Gelemi

Patara Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Antalya. It is 11 miles long, so you can always find a quiet spot. The beach is protected because turtles lay their eggs here. Behind the beach, there are old ruins you can explore. The town of Gelemi is just 10 minutes away, but Patara feels like a hidden treasure.

If you travel with kids, Patara Beach may develop a sense of exploration in them!

11. Cleopatra Beach: Alanya

Legend says Cleopatra herself visited this beach. It’s big enough for everyone, even when it’s busy. There are lots of water sports and fun activities to enjoy. The Taurus Mountains are nearby, giving the beach a beautiful backdrop. The promenade is great for a romantic walk at sunset.

12. Cirali Beach: Kemer

Cirali Beach in Kemer is surrounded by the Olympos Mountains. The beach is wide and sandy, with hidden coves to explore. Moreover, it’s a laid-back area with a hippie vibe. There is always a sweet group dancing around the fire. The vibe is just amazing here. Travellers can even stay in a wooden treehouse for a unique experience.

13. Mermerli Beach: Kaleci

Mermerli Beach in Antalya is a hidden gem in the city’s heart. It’s located down a cliff from the castle in the district of Kaleci. The waters here are crystal clear, and it’s a sheltered spot away from strong winds. The calm sea makes it safe for families, although a few rocks are at the edges. Despite its small size, Mermerli Beach is charming and close to many restaurants and entertainment options. It’s a convenient and lovely spot for a day by the sea.

Moreover, the golden hour here is gorgeous. If you visit this place, your pictures will definitely pop.

14. Kaputas Beach: Kalkan

Kaputas Beach in Kalkan is a natural wonder. To get there, travellers will have to drive around a mountain. The beach is at the bottom of a steep drop, with vibrant blue waters and a beautiful bay. However, please note that it can get busier during peak season. Accessing the beach involves walking down steep steps, which might be difficult for children or those with mobility issues.

However, if you don’t want to walk down those steep steps, you can always pre-book other means of transport, but it may be very costly.

15. Konyaalti Beach: Konyaalti

Konyaalti Beach in Antalya stretches up to 13 km. The golden sand and clear, calm sea are perfect for swimming and family fun. Nearby, there are many bars and restaurants, but the beach feels peaceful and away from the road. A grassy area and a long walkway along the beach are perfect for evening relaxation and watching the sunset.

So, it’s an ideal spot for both locals and tourists.

Wrapping Up!

Turkey has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, making it a great place for a holiday. The country’s stunning coastline, golden sands, and breathtaking views are truly amazing. Exploring these 15 best beaches in Turkey will show you how diverse and beautiful the country’s coastline is. Travellers can enjoy peaceful moments with nature or enjoy fun at local events.

In short, visiting Turkey’s beaches is also about experiencing the local culture and tasting delicious food. So pack your bags, remember your sunscreen, and get ready to explore some of the best beaches in Turkey.

We sincerely hope you liked this blog and would love to hear your feedback!

From the stunning Mediterranean Coast to hidden gems on the Black Sea, there’s a beach to suit your needs. Book your favourite beach with Zippy Holidays now!


Is there a beach in Turkey that is historically significant?

Yes, Patara Beach. It’s a protected area due to the loggerhead turtles that nest here, and there are ancient ruins behind the beach worth exploring.

What makes Cleopatra Beach special?

Legend says that Cleopatra herself visited this beach. It’s a large beach with plenty of space, even during peak season, and offers a variety of watersports and beach activities.

Are there secluded beaches in Turkey?

Cirali Beach is a great example of a secluded beach in Turkey. It’s surrounded by the Olympos Mountains and offers a laid-back, peaceful atmosphere. Kabak Beach is another secluded spot.

What are the best times to visit beaches in Turkey?

The best time to visit beaches in Turkey is from June to September.

Are Turkish beaches family-friendly?

Yes, many Turkish beaches are family-friendly. There are amenities such as lifeguards, restrooms, and playgrounds.

Do Turkish beaches have amenities like sunbeds and umbrellas?

Most popular beaches in Turkey offer sunbeds, umbrellas, restrooms, showers, and beachfront cafes. Some private beaches attached to hotels or resorts might charge a fee for using these facilities.

Can you recommend beaches in Turkey that are great for water sports?

Alacati Beach, Patara Beach, and Cleopatra Beach are known for their excellent conditions and facilities for water sports.

Is it safe to swim at Turkish beaches?

Swimming at Turkish beaches is generally safe, but following local advice and warnings is important. Pay attention to flag systems and swim in designated areas with lifeguards.

Do Turkish beaches have accessibility options for people with disabilities?

Many beaches in Turkey are working towards better accessibility. Features include ramps, accessible restrooms, and special beach wheelchairs. Please note that large resort areas and popular beaches are more likely to have these facilities.

Are there any dog-friendly beaches in Turkey?

Yes, some beaches in Turkey are dog-friendly, allowing pets to join their owners. However, it is always best to check local regulations as policies vary.

Are there any cultural or historical sites near Turkish beaches?

Yes, Patara Beach is close to the ancient ruins of Patara, and Cirali Beach is near the ancient city of Olympos.

What should I pack for a beach holiday in Turkey?

When packing for a beach holiday in Turkey, include essentials such as swimwear, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a beach towel, flip-flops, and a reusable water bottle. Don’t forget to bring a light cover-up and personal items like medications or books.