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Enjoy the Best Casablanca Holidays With Zippy

Get ready explorers! We're taking you to the fantastic city of Casablanca! Imagine narrow streets full of smells of spices, the sound of the Atlantic waves crashing against old walls, and the call to prayer from the grand Hassan II Mosque. A city known for love and mystery is inviting you in 2024, and ZippyHolidays is your ticket to an exciting adventure!

Whether it's your first time travelling or you're a pro, this guide is your key to discovering all the cool stuff in this city. Pack your bags and join us as we explore the best Casablanca holidays. We're talking about romantic experiences, exciting cultures, and unforgettable moments. So, get ready for the best adventure!

Why Choose Casablanca Holidays in 2024

When deciding where to go for holidays in 2024, Casablanca should be on top of your list. It's the perfect mix of exciting experiences and beautiful sights. So, here's why this place should be your top pick for this year's getaway.

Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Firstly, Casablanca seamlessly blends the old and new. The historic part called the Old Medina has narrow streets and busy markets. It's like stepping into the past. But then there are also modern parts of the city with fancy buildings. So, if you plan to visit this city, you'll experience both the old-time charm and the modern vibe. It's the perfect balance between exploring unique cultures and modern city life.

Hassan II Mosque

To truly have the best experience, you must visit the Hassan II Mosque. It's built carefully on the Atlantic coastline, and the floors are made of glass to view the ocean below. It's a beautiful representation of the Moroccan craftsmanship. So, it's not just a regular place—it's unique and makes you feel peaceful and amazed, especially when the waves flow under your feet. A visit to this mosque will make your experience much more exciting.

Street Life

Lastly, if you love the energy of city life, La Corniche is a lively place filled with outdoor cafes, busy markets, and fantastic ocean views. Take a leisurely walk along this beautiful path, talk to the locals, and enjoy the delicious tastes of Moroccan street food. The Corniche isn't just a place; it's like a journey that lets you experience the city's lively spirit with all your senses.

Top Hotels in Our Casablanca Holiday Packages

Now that you know all about the places to visit, it's time to decide where to stay. The quality of a hotel has the power to make or break your experience ultimately. That's why we have carefully picked out the best hotels for you to have an extraordinary holiday in Casablanca.

  • Radisson Blu Hotel: Firstly, located in the city centre, the Radisson Blu Hotel is a beautiful mix of modern style and Moroccan charm. It has spacious rooms with city views, a rooftop pool offering panoramic views, and the best service. It is the perfect escape for those who want a touch of luxury amid the vibrant energy. Plus, since it's in the city centre, everything you need, from the market to the port, is just a few minutes away.
  • Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche: Prepare to be amazed by the fancy Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche hotel! It's right in the middle of the city, and with five stars, it is one of the top choices. You can eat the best French and Moroccan food at its restaurants, chill out in the fancy spa, and let the rooms redefine your comfort.
  • MovenPick Hotel: If you want an experience of sophistication and modernity, MovenPick Casablanca is a great pick. It's located near the Medina and has rooms with every comfort you could ask for. It's the perfect place to relax after a full day of exploring. Plus, you can enjoy fantastic city views on the rooftop terrace.
  • Farah Hotel: Lastly, step into a world of elegance at the Farah Hotel. It is a testament to the friendliness and warmth of Moroccan culture. Located in the heart of Casablanca, you can find fabulous shops, fun activities, and the best places to visit nearby.

How to Prepare for Holidays to Casablanca

Going on a holiday to this Moroccan city is like stepping into a dream. The lively markets, rich history, and warm hospitality of Morocco await you. But to ensure your Casablanca holiday is nothing short of perfect, here's a simple guide to help you prepare.

  • Packing: The city has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm summers. The winters are a bit rainy. So, pack lightweight and breathable clothing for the summer months, but remember a shawl or light jacket for cooler evenings. Also, a waterproof jacket and layers are essential if you visit in the winter.
  • Currency: The Moroccan Dirham (MAD) is the official currency. Credit cards are accepted in most places, but having some cash is smart, especially if you're checking out busy markets or small shops. Also, be aware of the currency exchange rates to know how much you spend.
  • Language: Moroccan Standard Arabic is the official language, and French is also widely spoken. So, knowing a few important phrases can be helpful. The locals appreciate the effort, giving your conversations a personal touch. Basic greetings and phrases are often appreciated.
  • Culture: Lastly, respecting the local customs is an essential aspect of the journey. In Casablanca, people say "Salam" to greet each other, and it's polite to thank them for being welcoming. Moreover, if you go to religious places, wear modest clothes and ask before taking pictures.


Can I book tickets to events and attractions in Casablanca with Zippy?

If you book our Casablanca holidays all-inclusive, you can also add tickets to it.

How do I travel around in Casablanca?

Taxis, trains, and trams are the most common means of transportation.

Which month is best to get a cheap holiday to Casablanca?

May through September are typically the most affordable months.

Can I change my package to include a hotel of my choosing?

Yes, you can customise your package to add a hotel of your choice.