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Santorini Holidays 2024/25

Explore Santorini Packages

Santorini Palace Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 517 pp
Suites of the Gods Cave Spa -Breakfast - 4 Star Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 470 pp
Loizos Stylish Residences Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 470 pp
Grand View Hotel Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 515 pp
El Greco Resort - 4 Star Couples Holidays

5 Nights

fr£ 455 pp
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Destination Overview

Santorini is a magical island retreat in the Aegean Sea. One thing that we love about Santorini is its charming white houses dotted along cliffs that overlook the waters. They can be the best backdrop for anyone’s Instagram pictures. The locals, known for their friendliness and warm welcome, are always ready to greet visitors with open arms.

Travellers can find ancient ruins, visit archaeological sites, and enjoy traditional festivals and art galleries. Santorini’s culture is vibrant and diverse, providing endless opportunities for fun.

  • Weather: Santorini has a Mediterranean climate, which means it gets hot and dry in the summers and mild in the winters.
  • Currency: Santorini uses the Euro (EUR) as its official money.
  • Language: Greek is the main language in Santorini, but many people there also speak English. Trying to speak a bit of Greek can make locals happy and make your holiday more enjoyable.
  • Timezone: Santorini follows Eastern European Time (EET), GMT +2.
  • Flight Duration: Flights to Santorini typically take 5 to 6 hours from Heathrow Airport via connecting flight.

Picture yourself walking along the streets of Santorini, with the blue domes and white buildings as your backdrop. With Zippy Holidays, you can experience all that without any hassle. Our expert team will also work with you to customise your itinerary.

Why Book Santorini Holidays

Santorini holidays have a bit of everything. You can chill out, have some adventures, and feel the romance. It's a fantastic option for anyone, regardless of age or what you're into. Here's why you should book your Santorini holiday right now:

Top Attractions to Visit

Santorini was formed by a volcano long ago, meaning the island has many cool natural features. One of the best spots is Oia. It's famous for its cute little white houses and amazing sea views. Wander around the narrow streets and check out the neat shops, where you can buy cool souveniers made by locals.

Fine Dining Scene

Santorini is a total food paradise, especially if you're into trying yummy dishes. The food scene here is buzzing with tasty treats that mix Greek tradition with flavours worldwide. You've got to try the classics like Moussaka (trust us, it's a winner) and Souvlaki. Moreover, the fish here is as fresh as it gets and cooked up in delicious ways.

Pro Tip: Pair your meal with some local wine. It's the perfect finishing touch to a perfect meal.

Try the Local Wine & Visit the Vineyards

Well, we said this before, and we will say it again. Try the local wine! People love it because of the special way it's made and its long history. Furthermore, you should check out the vineyards and wineries. There, different types of wines are made, like white, red, and sweet ones. Enjoy some amazing views of the vineyards while you're at it.

Popular with Couples

Love is in the air, indeed. But love is seen everywhere in Santorini, from beautiful sunsets to fancy dinners and cosy boutique hotels. Whether you're celebrating something big or just want to be together, Santorini has so much romantic stuff to do. You can hop on a private sunset cruise, have a lovely candlelit dinner with a view of the caldera, or be all lovey-dovey on a quiet beach.

Discover the Best Beaches

Santorini is home to some seriously gorgeous beaches that will leave you speechless. Let us share a few of the top beaches:

  • Perissa Beach: It has black sands from volcanoes and super clear water. People who love water sports dig it here.
  • Red Beach: It's called that because the cliffs around it are red, and the sand is kind of coppery. If you're into nature or taking cool pictures, you have to check it out.
  • Perivolos Beach: This lively place has awesome things, like good places to eat right by the beach. It's perfect for chilling out, swimming, and grabbing a tasty lunch.
  • Monolithos Beach: Families love it because the sand slopes gently and the water is calm.
  • Kamari Beach: It's close to this old city called Thira and has a happening nightlife scene.

Popular Holidays

Let's check out some of our packages for Santorini holidays:

  • Family Holidays: Santorini has safe beaches where the kids can splash around, fun stuff to do that everyone will love, and loads of activities for all ages. Our family holiday packages cater to all types of families, no matter how big or small.
  • Summer Holidays: Summer in Santorini means lots of sunshine, bright blue skies, and warm seawater, making it perfect for a summer holiday! The days are long, and the evenings are warm, making it great to enjoy the island's beauty and culture.
  • Beach Holidays: Santorini has beaches for every mood, whether you're into lively ones with lots of people or quiet little hideaways where you can enjoy the whole place. You can always choose the type of beaches you wish to visit with us.
  • Couple Holidays: Santorini is famous for being super romantic and lives up to the hype. In this package, travellers can enjoy cosy restaurants and fancy hotels, and our team will pick out the most romantic places to visit. Let’s spark your love life again with our couple's holidays for Santorini.
  • All-Inclusive Holidays: Why not make things super easy and book our all-inclusive holiday package? Everything will be sorted out. Going all-inclusive in Santorini guarantees a chillaxed holiday, whether with your family, friends, or sweetheart.
  • Luxury Holidays: Travellers can stay in top-notch hotels, dine on delicious gourmet food, and be treated like royalty wherever they go.
  • Lads Holidays: With its lively nightlife, gorgeous beaches, and welcoming people, Santorini is the ultimate spot for a lad's holiday. Think beach parties, trying out water sports, hitting up bars, and dancing the night away in clubs.

Best Hotels For Santorini Holiday - Presented By Zippy Holidays

Let us share some of the top hotel picks with you.

  • Santorini Palace: Situated right in the heart of Fira, Santorini Palace is all about luxury. The hotel's restaurant also serves delicious Mediterranean food to make your taste buds dance!
  • Grand View Hotel: Its classic Cycladic style and cosy rooms are perfect for lovebirds looking for a romantic getaway. The hotel's fancy restaurant offers a romantic dinner under the twinkling stars.
  • El Greco Resort: The ultimate relaxation spot is surrounded by lush gardens and sparkling swimming pools. Treat yourself to a massage at the spa or take a stroll through the village.
  • Loizos Stylish Residences: It's chic and modern, with comfy rooms and friendly staff. Furthermore, you'll have easy access to all the top attractions on the island.

Book With Zippy Holidays Now!

Are you excited to see the beauty of Santorini up close? Well, you can make it happen with Zippy Holidays! Just leave all the planning to us, from sorting out your flights and finding the perfect place to stay to organising fun tours and activities. So, don't wait any longer and book now!


The best time to visit is usually in June and September.

It depends on the package you book. You can find cheaper options by booking early or visiting during the shoulder seasons.

Many people find that 3 to 5 days is enough to see the main attractions.

For summer, bring light and breezy clothes to stay cool. Don't forget your swimsuit for beach days and comfy shoes for exploring the streets. And for evenings, a light jacket might come in handy.

Yes. We understand that flexibility is key when planning your dream holiday. That's why we offer Book Now, Pay Later choices, so you can secure your Santorini holiday package with a deposit and pay the rest later.

No problem! If the seats are available, you can choose your preferred airline for your Santorini holiday.