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Singles Holidays for Over 50s

Get ready to explore your dream destination within your Budget

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Singles Holidays For Over 50s

"Why go on holidays alone when it seems like something for couples or families?"

Well, hold on a moment! Holidays are for everyone, no matter how old or whether you're single. That's why there are fantastic holidays for single people over 50! At this stage of life, you have plenty of wisdom and experience and are ready to see the world in your own way.

Zippy Holidays picks comfy places for people over 50 to relax and feel good. You can stay in a cute small hotel in a nice town or a fancy resort with great views. So, join us on one of our solo holidays for over 50s.

Destination You Can Travel To

Have a look:


Greece is an amazing place to go, especially if you're considering a holiday full of history, culture, and pretty views. It's famous for its old stories, beautiful buildings, and exciting live plays. If you want to see a play, it's smart to let us know beforehand so that we can book your tickets early for good seats. It could be a nice break for singles over 50 looking for luxury.


When you're over 50 and travelling alone, finding places to chat easily with friendly people is nice. In Argentina, people love soccer and tango and talk about them even with tourists. Furthermore, you can treat yourself to yummy Argentine food, check out famous spots, or relax on the beautiful beaches.


If you are looking for mature solo holidays, then Italy is the place to be! You might have heard about their pizza, gelato, and pasta. If you like music, you'll enjoy Italy's opera shows, which are known worldwide for their exciting performances. And don't forget the old Roman buildings and beautiful art from the Renaissance period. Italy is also a big deal in fashion, especially in cities like Milan.


Morocco has all sorts of cool stuff to see, like fancy mosques, pretty palaces, and these cool old buildings called riads. It also has amazing natural features, like the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountains. Moreover, people in Morocco are really friendly, the food is yummy, and there's always something fun happening. So, Morocco might be the perfect place to go on a solo adventure if you're over 50!


Portugal has super pretty beaches and fancy palaces. The destination is famous for its special port wine and soulful Fado music. But what really makes Portugal shine is its friendly people. They're all about making you feel welcome, especially when travelling solo.

Popular Packages For 50+ Year Old Solos

Here are some of the many packages that we offer for our single holidays over 50 from the UK!

Travel Tips For Over 50 Holidays

Are you considering going on holiday for singles over 50 but feeling unsure? Here are some great tips just for you.

Do All Your Research

Look up places that are good for older people travelling solo. These places should be safe, easy to get around, and have many things to do. Find the best time to go, considering the weather, how busy it is, and any special events happening. Moreover, don't forget to figure out the transportation, so you can travel easily and without any worries. Don’t want to do all that? Book with us, and we will do all this and more for you!

Practice Your Languages

Different countries have different languages, so learning a few basic words before travelling is good. This can make talking with locals easier and nicer, making your holiday more enjoyable. Also, it shows you respect their culture and can help you make friends with the people you meet.

Check In With Your Family

Travellers must ensure that their family knows their travel plans. By sharing details such as accommodation bookings, transportation arrangements, and contact information, your family will know how to reach you in emergencies and stay updated on your whereabouts throughout your holiday.

Break The Ice

It's super fun to chat with others on the same holiday. Everyone's there to have a good time and make awesome memories. So, don't be shy on one of these holidays! Say hi, ask questions, and enjoy getting to know people who share your interests.

Why Take a Singles Holiday In Your 50s With Zippy Holidays?

Are you thinking about going on a solo travel adventure in your 50s? Choosing us could be your best decision.

  • Unforgettable Experiences: our holidays are designed to ensure you make the most out of your journey.
  • Peace of Mind: We've got your back, from expertly planned itineraries to accommodation arrangements, ATOL protection and 24/7 support.
  • Great Value: We understand the importance of getting the most out of your hard-earned money.


Nope! Whether you're 50, 60, or older, you can also join us for holidays for solo travellers over 50.

Everyone deserves a fantastic holiday experience, so we strive to accommodate all our guests. Just let us know your needs, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Yes! Our carefully planned itineraries ensure you are safe every step of the way.

By default, our package includes a bed in a twin room, which you'll share with another person of the same gender. Let us know if you need to have the room to yourself.