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Go For Tulum Holidays With Zippy

Imagine a place where old cultures mix with the calming sea waves in the Caribbean. Picture yourself walking through the remains of Mayan history. You can feel the soft sand under your feet and the hot Mexican sun on your skin. It's not a dream—it's Tulum, a place that invites you to swap ordinary for something unique.

Our Tulum holidays allow you to discover history, have unmatched experiences, and go on exciting adventures. So, come with us as we walk you through the streets of Tulum, giving you a sneak peek of the fantastic things you can do here in 2024. It's not just a regular getaway; it's like creating an extraordinary story.

What to Do on Holidays to Tulum

With so many travel destinations available with Zippy, you might wonder why you should go to Tulum. So, we are here to tell you all the exciting things you can do in Tulum that make this place a traveller's favourite.

  • Beaches: Firstly, Tulum has fantastic beaches for holidays! Imagine walking on soft sand, feeling the warm Mexican sun on your skin. Whether you want peace or the lively atmosphere of beach clubs, Tulum's beaches have something for everyone.
  • Mayan Ruins: If you want a historical experience, take a trip back in time and check out old Mayan buildings. These incredible ruins sit high on cliffs with a fantastic sea view. They're like storybooks of a civilisation lost to time. It's not just looking around; it's like meeting the past.
  • Biking: But you can do more than just explore beaches and history. Get a bike and ride through the streets filled with colourful paintings, shops, and cafes. Take your time to see how the town mixes modern style with ancient charm.
  • Cenotes: Explore the magical world of cenotes—natural holes in the ground that reveal a paradise below. You can snorkel or swim in clear waters surrounded by a green jungle. It's like a different world, and you can find this unique experience in Tulum.
  • Food: When going to Tulum, it automatically means trying amazing food. You can eat Mexican dishes and foods from around the world. Try everything from tacos by the beach to fancy restaurants. The food is made with fresh local ingredients, making it delicious.
  • Nightlife: Lastly, holidays to Tulum, Mexico, come with a vibrant nightlife. There are beach parties, live music, and the beautiful glow of the moon on Tulum's shores. The atmosphere is so special that it stays with you even after the night.

All-Inclusive Holidays to Tulum

Every moment on a break should be about relaxing, exploring, and making memories. That's why our all-inclusive deals bundle up everything you need. So you can enjoy the incredible things around you without any worries.

  • Flights: Your adventure begins the moment you step onto the plane. Our all-inclusive holidays in Tulum make travel simple by covering smooth round-trip flights. So, no matter which UK city you are in, getting to Tulum is as easy as a calm sea breeze.
  • Hotels: Get ready to leave the usual behind and embrace a fancy experience with our carefully chosen hotels. These places along the beautiful Tulum coast are more than just sleeping spots. They're comfortable and stylish retreats. Imagine waking up to the ocean's soothing sound, stepping onto your balcony, and being surrounded by Tulum's beauty as soon as you open your eyes.
  • Airport Transfers: We know that after a long flight, the last thing you want is to worry about how to get to your hotel. That's why our Tulum holidays all-inclusive include easy rides from the airport to your hotel. Just sit back, chill, and enjoy the beautiful ride.
  • Meals: We also allow you to add meals to your package. Depending on your chosen hotel, you can enjoy Tulum's tasty dishes stress-free! We have options for breakfast only, half board and full-board meals. So, choose whichever one is most convenient for you!
  • Park Tickets: Lastly, when in Tulum, you must explore their history. That's why our packages also offer access to ancient ruins and parks. So, you can walk through time and discover Tulum's secrets, and you don't need to buy tickets separately.

Best Time to Book Your Tulum Mexico Holidays

Picking the right time is essential, especially when planning a getaway to Tulum. This place has terrific beaches and historical stuff to explore. So, figuring out when to book your package can make sure it's an incredible experience you won't forget.

  • Weather: Visiting Tulum between November and December is great because that's when the weather is just right. It's not too hot, and there's no rain to spoil your fun. It's the perfect time to check out historical sites and chill at the beach without worrying about bad weather. So, if you plan your visit during these months, you'll enjoy the best weather possible!
  • Crowds: If you want a calmer time in Tulum, consider going there from May to September. It might be the rainy season, but that's okay. The rain makes the jungles look even more beautiful. And because fewer people are around, you can enjoy Tulum more authentically. Going in a less busy time not only gives you a more peaceful experience but could also save you money with special offers.
  • Best Deals: If you want to save money, plan to go during the off-peak season. Look for special deals during the less busy times, and you can enjoy Tulum without spending too much. So, watch for our offers to make your dream holiday happen without costing a fortune.
  • Festivals and Events: Tulum is more than just beaches and ruins; it's a place full of culture and fun. So, to be part of the local scene, look at the schedule for festivals and events. Planning your visit during the festivals lets you see Tulum when it's most exciting, with lots of lively parties and a chance to be part of the local customs.

Top Hotels in Our Tulum Holiday Packages

Your time in Tulum should be extraordinary. That's why we've handpicked the best hotels for you to enjoy your stay. So, here's a quick look at the best places to stay in our packages.

  • TRS Yucatan Hotel - Adults Only: Located by the Riviera Maya, it's a spot for adults wanting peace. It has excellent rooms and pools, and the food is fantastic. So, you can relax at the spa or enjoy a drink on the beach as the sun sets.
  • Hidden Beach Resort Au Naturel, Gourmet: For those who like exciting things, this hotel gives you a unique experience. It's in the middle of the Riviera Maya, a mix of luxury and nature. You can eat delicious food, relax in private beach huts, and feel the Caribbean wind on your skin.
  • Aloft Tulum by Marriott: It is a luxurious hotel with a modern feel. It mixes new styles with friendly service. This hotel is right in the middle of Tulum, so it's great for checking out the town and its lively culture. You can enjoy excellent views from the rooftop, relax by the pool, and soak in the lively vibe during your stay.
  • Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa: It is more than just a place to stay; it's an incredible adventure for families and couples. It is between the jungle and the Caribbean Sea and includes big rooms, delicious food, and a spa. It's where your dreams can become a reality in the beautiful tropics of Tulum.
  • Elements Tulum Boutique Hotel: Lastly, if you are looking for a place in downtown Tulum, this hotel is a great choice. With a pool and garden, you can find many opportunities to relax. Plus, it is close to some ruins and Paradise Beach, so exploring is also accessible.

On a Final Note

Remember what you want for your dream experience when browsing our packages. It's not just a holiday; it's a promise of memories you'll cherish for a long time. So, Tulum awaits you whether you like history, beautiful beaches, or lively traditions.

It's time to turn your dreams into reality, to explore the streets where history whispers and the sunsets paint the sky with magic hues. Your Tulum tale is waiting to be written. So, start your journey now and let Tulum weave its enchantment.


Are there any direct flights for holidays to Tulum from the UK?

Currently, no airlines fly directly to Tulum from the UK.

What is the duration of holidays in Tulum with Zippy?

Our Tulum holidays are usually 6 to 7 nights long. But if you want, we can extend your stay.

What are the drinking laws in Tulum?

The legal drinking age is 18. Also, drinking in public is illegal.

How much do Tulum holiday deals cost with Zippy?

Our deals range from £800 to £1949.

How early should I book my Tulum holidays 2024?

Booking about 3 to 6 months ahead is best for reasonable prices and to ensure availability. Booking early also gives you more options.

What currency is used in Tulum?

The currency used is the Mexican Pesos. But card payments are widely accepted.