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Cheap Holidays from Bournemouth Airport

Explore desired Holidays from Bournemouth

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Holidays From Bournemouth

Planning a holiday from Bournemouth in 2024 is super exciting! Thanks to Bournemouth's handy departures, you could explore cities or get a tan by the sea in no time.

With many places to choose from, flexible booking, and great service, Zippy Holidays is perfect for people who want to travel simply from Bournemouth. All you have to do is call us and book your favourite package. Leave the rest to our team of experts.

About Bournemouth Airport

Bournemouth Airport is not far from Bournemouth city. It's about 7 miles away, and travellers can reach it easily by driving along the A338 road. Moreover, some buses and trains go straight to the airport from the city, and many hotels are nearby. Some of these hotels even give discounts on parking.

Here are some facilities that travellers can enjoy at the airport:


  • WH Smith Store
  • World Duty-Free Store
  • And More

Food and Drinks

There are plenty of places to eat, so you can choose from different restaurants and cafes. Moreover, some places are quick if you're in a hurry, and others are nice if you want to sit down and relax before the flight.

Helpful Services

  • Currency exchange services are provided.
  • There's free WiFi available everywhere in the airport.
  • Parking spots are provided.

Direct Flights From Bournemouth Airport

Direct flights to many destinations are available, but the availability depends on when you book the flight. So, contact us today to find direct flights for your chosen destination.

Destinations You Can Travel To From Bournemouth Airport

Looking for a destination? Here are some of the many destinations you can travel to from Bournemouth Airport.

  • Malta: Travellers can visit its tall cliffs, pretty landscapes, and ancient buildings. Malta is also famous for being lively, with festivals happening throughout the year.
  • Cyprus: Cyprus is mostly warm and sunny, making it perfect for a holiday. Moreover, you can try delicious seafood and local dishes.
  • Turkey: One of the coolest things you can do there is ride in a big, colourful balloon high up in the sky over Cappadocia. Turkey is also famous for its yummy food, like kebabs and the Turkish ice cream. Moreover, don’t forget to visit the oldest underground train.
  • Spain: This country is a must-visit because of its delicious food, such as paella and tapas, stunning architecture, such as the Sagrada Familia and Alhambra, vibrant flamenco dancing, and thrilling bullfighting experiences!
  • Greece: It's a sunny paradise with beautiful beaches, sweet locals, and yummy food. Furthermore, don’t forget to try the tasty souvlaki.

Discover packages for these and more destinations with Zippy Holidays!

Popular Holidays Flying From Bournemouth Airport

We know that everyone has different budgets and interests. That's why we have a wide range of holiday packages. These popular holidays are flying from Bournemouth Airport as we speak!

Family Holidays

There are many great places to visit that everyone can enjoy with their family. Travellers can go to sunny spots like Spain or Portugal, where there are beautiful beaches and exciting things to do. Or, visit Disneyland Paris for a magical adventure with the kids! For families who like a bit of adventure, Greece or Italy could be perfect.

So, book our family holidays from Bournemouth Airport now!

Beach Holidays

Travellers can visit places like the Caribbean, where the beaches and water are crystal clear. Or, stay closer to home and visit the Mediterranean for some sunshine and relaxation. Snorkelling and swimming activities are available as well. So, grab your sunscreen and book our beach holidays from Bournemouth!

Couple Holidays

Looking for a couple's holiday from Bournemouth Airport? We have some ideas! You could go to France or Italy for a luxurious spa break surrounded by beautiful scenery. Or, why not explore Bali or Thailand together? If you prefer city breaks, cities like Paris or Rome are perfect for a romantic getaway. You can also stroll hand in hand through charming streets and enjoy candlelit dinners at cosy restaurants.

All-Inclusive Holidays

Want a holiday where everything is taken care of? An all-inclusive getaway from Bournemouth Airport is just what you need. You can go to places like Mexico or the Maldives, where your meals, drinks, and activities are all included in the package.

Luxury Holidays

Yes! Luxury Holidays are also available. For a truly luxurious experience, travellers could go to glamorous destinations like Dubai or the French Riviera, stay in fancy hotels, and dine at top restaurants. Our luxury holidays also offer exclusive tickets to historic sites and events.

Zippy Holidays is the way to go if you want an easy, affordable, and fun holiday from Bournemouth. So, call us now to book your cheap holidays from Bournemouth Airport!


Consider places like Spain, Portugal, or Greece if you want a cheap holiday from Bournemouth. They often have good deals on accommodation and things to do.

You can drive there or take a bus or train. If you're driving, just follow the signs off the A338. There's also a shuttle bus from the train station.

The code for Bournemouth Airport is BOH.

Lots of airlines fly from Bournemouth Airport, including British Airways, easyJet and Aer Lingus.

Yes! With Zippy Holidays, you can add more days or pick a fancier hotel.

Yes, places like Majorca, Tenerife, and Turkey have many fun things for families. They're also easy to get to from Bournemouth Airport.