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Cheap Holiday Packages from Belfast

Unbeatable Cheap 2024 Getaways from Belfast - Book Your Affordable Escape Now!

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Get Cheap Holidays from Belfast

Living in Northern Ireland and want to exchange the chilly weather for some sunny destination? But are you worried about the cost? Well, then, you're in the right place. Zippy is here with the best holidays from Belfast airport. We know all about the coolest, newest, and cheapest holidays leaving from the capital city.

So, get set for a super exciting adventure. Whether you're into beach vibes, soaking up culture, or exciting adventures, we have the perfect package.

Why Should You Go for Holidays From Belfast in 2024

Choosing the right place to start your holiday is the first step to an exciting adventure. So, why should it be Belfast? We have a list of reasons why this city may be the perfect start for your next adventure.


Belfast Airport is more than a place where planes take off. It's your launchpad to the world. With many flights and different airlines, going to your dream destination is super easy — no need to travel long distances to reach your departure point. With an airport in the capital city, it's simple and stress-free to bring the whole world to where you live.

Variety of Destinations

Choosing the capital city as your departure point means access to diverse locations. So, whether you like sunny beaches, learning about different cultures, or going on adventures, there is something for everyone. You can explore historic streets in Europe or see amazing landscapes in other parts of the world. The whole world is waiting for you to discover!

Ease of Transportation

Lastly, the city's well-organized transportation system ensures your holiday begins seamlessly. So, spend less time worrying about logistics and more time enjoying the wonders of your chosen getaway.

All You Need to Know About Belfast Airport

Before you start your holiday, let's talk about the first stop on your journey – Belfast International Airport. It's not just a departure point; it's the starting point of all the fun and excitement right in the beautiful landscapes of Northern Ireland.


Firstly, it's located close to the city centre, so it's easy to get to from anywhere in Northern Ireland. Whether driving or taking public transportation, reaching the airport is simple. This makes the beginning of your holiday pleasant and easy, with no stress.


Moreover, the services provided at the airport make it feel like it is a destination in itself. It's designed to make every traveller's experience better. With charging ports and free WiFi, you can stay updated throughout. The duty-free shop is a great way to pass the time before your flight. And when you're hungry, there are plenty of places to eat, offering food for every taste. The airport makes sure your journey begins on an excellent note. Also, you can take advantage of the airport lounge to relax before starting a journey full of excitement.


There are a variety of destinations you can visit because of the several airline options. It doesn't matter if you want budget carriers, a quick getaway, or to go all out with a luxury experience; there are airlines to cater to every budget. So, it's a great place to begin your journey, regardless of your budget and preferences.

Navigating the Airport

Lastly, to make your experience smooth, the airport has clear signage and friendly staff to guide you through check-in, security, and boarding processes. So, whether you travel a lot or it's your first time, the airport's user-friendly layout ensures you can easily navigate.

Types of Holiday Packages From Belfast

No matter what your travel style or preferences, Zippy has a package to suit your needs. So, check out our various package holidays from Belfast and prepare for the best experience.

  • All-Inclusive: Our all-inclusive holidays from Belfast are the perfect option for those who like everything planned out but don't want to handle all the details. We believe a holiday should be about relaxation, so we can handle everything, from flights and hotels to meals and activities. So, it's time to ditch the worry and only focus on having fun!
  • Family-Friendly: We understand that spending time with your loved ones is super important. Our family holidays from Belfast are made for every member of your family. Whether you want to have fun at the beach, explore historical landmarks, or go on exciting adventures, we have the right mix of fun and chill for every member.
  • Affordable: Lastly, for those who want fun and excitement at a low cost, choose our discount holidays from Belfast. We offer exciting destinations, comfortable hotels, and flights with the best airlines in one affordable package. So, no more worrying about money. With Zippy, you can have fun even on a tight budget.

Last Minute Holidays From Belfast

We have told you about all the packages we have from Belfast above. But there is still one left. So, all those who enjoy spontaneous getaways get excited for our late deals from Belfast.

Life is full of surprises, and you never know when the need for an adventure kicks in. That's why we have the best last-minute deals to fulfil your holiday wishes at the eleventh hour. It doesn't matter if you want a beach escape or to explore a city. Our last-minute options ensure your spontaneous choices turn into unforgettable adventures.

So, get ready to break away from the same old routine with a sudden getaway. Last-minute holidays from Belfast are like a remedy for your daily life, allowing you to take a break and feel refreshed. Being spontaneous adds excitement to your travel adventures, whether it's a short weekend escape or a quick mid-week journey.


Which destination is best to get the cheapest holidays from Belfast?

The most affordable destination from Belfast is Florence, Italy.

How much for holiday deals from Belfast?

They start from £349 and go up to £6,400.

Can I get direct flights for holidays from Belfast Airport?

Depending on the destination you choose, you may get a direct flight.

What is the airport code for Belfast International Airport?

The airport code is BFS.