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Holidays Packages from Cardiff Airport

Explore desired Holidays Packages from Cardiff

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Cardiff Airport Overview

Looking for holidays from Cardiff airport? Good! Let’s give you all the tea.

This airport is conveniently close to Cardiff city centre and is near Rhoose in the Vale of Glamorgan. It is just around 13 miles from junction 33 on the M4, and getting there is easy. You can travel via road, bus or railway. And if you opt for the train, remember that Rhoose provides seamless connections to Cardiff Central and Bridgend.

Airport facilities

Keeping track of the airport facilities is important because this is where your retreat experience begins. So, take a moment for pre-flight retail therapy with shops like WHSmith. From books to travel essentials, you will find everything you need here. Cardiff Airport has you covered with many food and drink options as well. Renowned places like Costa, Caffi Cwtch, and The Beer House satisfy your taste buds.

There's also the convenience of currency exchange services, which allows you to get your money sorted hassle-free.

And for those seeking luxury, you can explore the airport lounges. You will find comfortable seats, special teas, coffees, and locally produced snacks here. Lastly, this Airport offers pre-bookable airport car parking as well! So, this place sure knows how to create a serene pre-flight atmosphere.

Popular Holidays Flying from Cardiff

Whether you want an all-inclusive escape, a family adventure, or an affordable getaway, our package holidays from Cardiff Airport have you covered. Let’s take a look at these:


The all-inclusive option is a dream for travellers because these packages cover everything, from your flights to comfy stays, delicious meals, and even those little extras that make your getaway special. You can enjoy every moment without worrying about the details, and that's the magic of our all-inclusive holidays from Cardiff.

Going for our all-inclusive deal simplifies your planning and ensures you will not be caught off guard by unexpected expenses. So, kick back, relax, and let the all-inclusive goodness take care of everything.

Your stress-free journey starts here with us.


We understand the importance of family time, so our packages cater to everyone's needs. You can discover destinations where the whole family can have a blast and find accommodations that ensure comfort. We have got something for everyone, from little ones to teens and parents! Call us now or book online on our website.


Our affordable holiday packages deliver top-notch experiences because you can experience the thrill of exploring new places in a very budget-friendly way. And no, we do not compromise on the quality. Our deals are curated to keep all kinds of travellers in mind.

Last-Minute Holidays from Cardiff

Imagine sitting at home and suddenly deciding to pack your bags and go for last-minute holidays from Cardiff airport. That is the thrill of last-minute holidays: the surprise and the joy of being on your way to a new adventure without much planning. So, what makes these last-minute getaways so special? Well, they are really quick! You can decide today and be on a plane tomorrow.

Moreover, Last-minute doesn't mean compromising on quality. Our carefully curated options ensure that you still get a fantastic experience, even if it is a spur-of-the-moment decision. So, if you are up for an instant escape and the thrill of the unknown, our last-minute holiday options from Cardiff Airport are your ticket to a fun getaway.

Our Top Tips To Snag Cheap Holidays From Cardiff

Planning a budget-friendly holiday from Cardiff? No worries! We have got your back with some top-notch tips to ensure you get the best value for your price.

Try To Book Early

Doing this will secure the best prices and ensure a stress-free journey. Imagine that you have sorted your journey months before everyone else. You will stay out of that tension zone and will be able to enjoy every moment of the process. So, grab your phones and laptops and book early to make your expedition dreams come true.

Stay Flexible With Your Travel Dates

Being flexible means you can swoop in and snag deals like a pro. With flexibility, you can grab budget-friendly deals and save some extra pounds for souvenirs or ice cream by the beach. So, keep your options open.

Consider 3-Star Instead of 5-Star Hotels

Now, let's talk about making life easy. We know sometimes we want all the luxury in our life and want to opt for a luxurious hotel. But trust us, the 3-star hotels are exactly like the 5-star ones. Our team makes sure that we don’t compromise on quality for affordability. We tend to give our customers both!

So, cut some costs down on your accommodation and spend that money on souvenirs or food!

Use Our Price Filter Tool

Last, let's discuss our price filter tool. It is like having your own personal holiday detective, sorting through a sea of options to find the hidden gems within your budget. Input your budget preferences, and a tailored list of affordable packages will appear. Then you can choose your preferred one and book it!

Want To Book A Holiday From Cardiff?

So, if you are eager to book a getaway from Cardiff, then contact our customer support team now and get ready for the getaway of a lifetime. Our team at Zippy makes sure that all the travel you do is hassle-free. In case of any other travel-related problem or query, you can always get in contact with us, and we will be more than happy to help. Our customers and their happiness is our top priority.


Absolutely! Zippy Holidays makes it super easy to snag affordable city breaks from Cardiff. You can explore cool cities without burning a hole in your wallet.

This usually depends on where you are going, but yes, you can get direct flights from Cardiff Airport to incredible places. It is like a shortcut to your retreat fun.

Absolutely! Zippy Holidays has family-friendly packages with activities for everyone. No worries, parents, because we have got the kiddos covered too.

If you are visiting from an international destination, then a passport is required, otherwise, no.

The code is CWL. Keep the code in mind for ease in the booking process.

Totally! Zippy Holidays has got you covered if you are feeling a bit fancy. We offer luxurious holiday packages from Cardiff, so you can travel like a VIP.