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Cheap Holidays from East Midlands

Explore desired Holidays from East Midlands

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About East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Airport is an international airport in the middle of England and is the second-largest pure cargo airport. It has won many big awards, like World's Leading Eco-Friendly Airport and Best Regional Airport at the British Travel Award in 2010. The airport is the best option for counties like Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

Wondering how to book? Look no further than Zippy Holidays! We provide exciting holiday packages that ensure convenience and comfort. From beaches to cities with a happening nightlife, we offer diverse options that cater to every traveller’s needs.

Pro Tip For The Airport

When you're flying from East Midlands Airport, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. Like, arrive with plenty of time to spare so you don't miss your flight. And why not grab snacks and other must-haves while you wait? Trust us, it will make the whole experience even more fun!

Enjoy Last Minute Holidays From East Midlands

Last-minute holidays are like little surprises waiting to happen. Here are some of the perks that you should expect when booking your TUI last-minute holidays from East Midlands.

Amazing Resorts

So, whether you're all about those big beachfront places or dig those cute little hotels, there's always something for what you're into. And when it's time to chill after a day of checking out the scene, these resorts are like your safe space. Imagine crashing onto a super comfy bed after a chill spa sesh or just lounging in the sun by the pool. Yeah, that's the kind of relaxation you can look forward to.

Rest and Relaxation

After all the exploring and fun stuff, returning to your comfy resort feels like you're in paradise. Pamper yourself with spa treatments, stuff your face with yummy food, and just enjoy the awesomeness of where you are.

Lots Of Attractions To Visit

Whether it's epic old spots or awesome nature spots, the places you can hit up from the East Midlands are super exciting. So, get pumped to check off those must-see spots and make some seriously rad memories!

Availability Of Last-Minute Flights

Yes! You can even get last-minute flights with no effort. Being flexible is key if you wanna grab those last-minute flights. Why wait for the perfect time when you can do it right now? Throw your stuff in a bag, jump on a last-minute flight, and book your holidays with Zippy Holidays from East Midlands!

Popular Packages Flying from East Midlands

Whether you're looking for a snuggly escape with your crush or a totally awesome family adventure, there's definitely something that suits you perfectly!

Couples Holiday

Picture you and your crush ditching the boring routine and going on a super romantic getaway together. Think about it: fancy dinners by candlelight, watching amazing sunsets, and strolling hand in hand on stunning beaches. So, prepare for a lovey-dovey adventure where you'll make many sweet memories with your honey.

Luxury Holiday

If you're into living a fancy life, then a luxury holiday is totally your thing! Spoil yourself with a super special VIP experience with a package that's all about treating you like royalty. You will get super posh hotels, and what is better than that?

Party Holiday

It's time to wear your dancing shoes because we'll party hard! East Midlands is the ultimate starting point for the coolest party getaway ever, where the fun never ends. Whether you're all about the big city vibes with its crazy lights and busy streets, or you're more into those awesome beats by the beach, there's a ton of excitement just waiting for you.

Interested? Have A Look At Some Places That You Can Visit With Us

Let's take a closer look at some of the incredible destinations you can visit with us from East Midlands.


Picture this: winding canals, old buildings, and a vibe that's straight out of a storybook. Venice is where you can wander through narrow streets, try yummy Italian food, and ride in a gondola, gliding along the waterways of this magical city.

There's so much to see and do when you're in Venice. And, of course, there's no shortage of delicious pasta and gelato to indulge in while you're here.


Grenada's culture is as vibrant as its landscapes, so immerse yourself in island life! Think sunny beaches, lush forests, and a vibe that's as colourful as it gets. Moreover, you can enjoy the local cuisine with dishes like oil down and roti, and don't miss the chance to sip on some refreshing rum punch!


This slice of paradise in India is known for its golden beaches, blue seas, and chill atmosphere. Picture yourself lounging under palm trees, exploring ancient temples, and soaking up the colourful markets. And don't miss out on the nightlife - Goa knows how to throw a party like no other!


This bustling city mixes old and new, with ancient temples standing tall next to modern skyscrapers. You can also visit the Chatuchak Market, where you can find everything from exotic foods to quirky souvenirs. And when you need a break, indulge in some traditional Thai massage to recharge for more!


Bali is all about relaxation and rejuvenation, whether you're lounging by the pool, exploring the rice terraces of Ubud, or diving into crystal-clear waters. And, of course, don't forget to indulge in some delicious Indonesian cuisine along the way!

How To Find Cheap Holiday from East Midlands

Well, bagging cheap holidays from East Midlands Airport is totally doable. Here is how to play your cards right when planning your holiday.

Opt for All-Inclusive Packages

Everything's sorted: flights, digs, nosh, and fun activities. That's the beauty of all-inclusive deals, folks! They're like the ultimate money-saving hack, taking the stress out of budgeting for random expenses during your getaway.

Plan and Book in Advance

Well, the early planner catches the deals! By mapping out your holiday well in advance, you can snag sweet discounts, swoop in on special promos, and get first dibs on flights and digs.

Use Our Price Filter Tool

We know how crucial it is to stick to your budget, which is why we've whipped up a price filter tool. Whether you're after budget-friendly options or a touch of luxe that won't break the bank, our price filter tool covers you.


Which city is close to the East Midlands?

East Midlands is super close to some cool cities in the United Kingdom, like Grantham, Carlton, and Sleaford.

How much do deals from the East Midlands cost?

It depends on stuff like where you're going when you're going, and what's included in your package. But the price range is from £329 to £2590.

What is the airport code for East Midlands?

It's EMA.

Can I choose specific airlines for my flights from East Midlands?

Absolutely! You've got the power to pick your favourite. We've got a bunch of airlines lined up, so you can choose the one that feels just right for you.

Are any special discounts available for group bookings from East Midlands?

If you're planning to roll deep with your squad from East Midlands Airport, some sweet discounts might be waiting for you. So, talk to our awesome team, and they'll spill all the deets about discounts and perks for your gang.