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April Holiday Packages 2024

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Enjoy Cheap April Holidays

April is a great month for travel! It's when nature comes alive, and excellent travel options await you. Whether you want to explore a city or relax on a beach, it's the perfect time to leave the winter blues behind and enjoy the warm sun. So, we've compiled a list of cheap holiday packages in April to make choosing where to go super easy!

You're in the right place if you want to go on an adventure without spending too much money. Zippy Holidays is here to help make your travel dreams real. We've found the best holidays in April. So, get ready for unique places and extraordinary deals!

Search for the Best Holiday Packages in April With Zippy

If you're looking for the best packages, Zippy is here to help. We've got what you need for a fantastic adventure this April. So, let Zippy guide you and make your travel dreams come true!

  • Affordable: Everyone should be able to enjoy luxury regardless of their budget. So, we're here to give you cheap April holidays full of great experiences. Whether you want a beach experience, explore different cultures, or try delicious foods, we've put together some excellent, affordable holidays. So, you can have a fabulous time without spending too much money.
  • All-Inclusive: Our all-inclusive holidays in April are perfect if you want an experience without worrying about the details. You can enjoy delicious food, relax by the beach, and discover local places without paying at each step. We've created packages that take care of everything from when you get there until the day you leave.
  • Weekend Breaks: Have a few days off? Try our weekend breaks! Whether it's a special time for two or a fun family adventure, we've created short but great getaways. Explore cute towns, stay in comfortable places, and enjoy every moment with Zippy's weekend wonders.

Weather in Our Top Destinations for April Breaks 2024

If you're looking for a getaway in April, these places have fantastic weather that matches your adventure plans. So, pack your things and enjoy the amazing climates at our best April holiday spots in 2024!

  • Havana: Get set to dance in Havana's lively streets! There's no rain in April, just warm weather around 25°C (77°F). So, the sun will shine as you check out the old buildings, walk along the Malecón, and feel the lively vibes of the city. In Havana, April is a time for sun, music, and pure Cuban happiness!
  • Venice: Moreover, Venice is perfect if you're looking for April holidays in Europe. The city comes alive with beautiful flowers and gentle winds as winter passes. The weather is perfect, not too hot or cold—around 12°C (54°F). This makes it ideal for walks through the streets, a boat ride in a gondola, and tasting Italian food in outdoor cafes. You can avoid the big crowds and experience Venice without the intense summer heat.
  • Tenerife: Lastly, Tenerife in the Canary Islands has excellent weather for holidays in April 2024. The temperature is around 19°C (66°F), so it's perfect for exploring. You can check out the greenery in the north or the landscapes around Mount Teide. So, relax on beautiful beaches, walk on trails around volcanoes, or look at the stars at one of the best observatories in the world.


So, there you have it—your guide to an unforgettable holiday in April 2024! Everyone should have a chance for a fantastic experience, even on a tight budget. So, don't wait; the world is ready for you, and you can book your holiday packages in April with Zippy. Just click and get your holiday sorted!


Where should I go for the cheapest holidays in April?

The cheapest destination would be Tenerife.

Why are holidays in April popular?

April holidays are popular because people are on break for Easter. Plus, the weather is excellent, and the crowds are smaller.

How much does a holiday in April cost with Zippy?

Our holidays in April range from £379 up to £1400.

What should I pack on my holidays for April 2024?

Bring different types of clothes for changing weather, like light jackets. Also, pack sunscreen if you're going somewhere sunny, but if it's windy, pack a light scarf.