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Cheap Honeymoon Holiday Packages

Explore your desired Honeymoon Holiday Packages in 2024

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Destinations For Honeymoon Holidays

Searching for the ideal honeymoon spot to make some awesome memories? You're in for a treat because Zippy Holidays has compiled a fantastic list of dreamy destinations that will make your honeymoon special. Check out the top romantic getaways of 2024!


Santorini is a place straight out of a fairy tale. Imagine walking hand in hand along the streets, surrounded by white-washed buildings that can be the perfect background for your Instagram pictures. Santorini is a love journey, so explore and enjoy the rich culture.

Sorrento Area

You must visit the Sorrento Area along the stunning Amalfi Coast for a touch of Italian romance. Here, you can find cliffside villages and panoramic views of the Sea. Each corner of this place is full of charm, making it a perfect spot for newlyweds.

Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands offer a diverse range of experiences for every couple. Here is what you can do:

  • Enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Ibiza.
  • Relax on the pristine beaches of Mallorca.
  • Explore the charm of Minorca.

Everything about this island is romantic. Moreover, you can book all the above and more activities with us!

Bora Bora

Bora Bora has overwater bungalows that are surrounded by crystal-clear waters. You can enjoy the sun on pristine beaches and eat till you are full. Bora Bora is all set to create the perfect melody for your honeymoon.

St. Lucia

Next on our romantic journey is St. Lucia, known for its landscapes and iconic Pitons. Here, you can find botanical gardens, enjoy baths in the Sulphur Springs, and simply enjoy the beauty.


This spot is well-known for its chill people, awesome coral reefs, rainforests, and cool culture vibes. Fiji is the perfect spot for a honeymoon of adventure and relaxation. Whether you're into snorkelling, getting to know the local traditions, or just kicking back on those pristine beaches, Fiji is all about making epic memories.


The Maldives is like a dream tropical getaway, perfect for lovey-dovey honeymooners. You can even chill in those cool overwater bungalows with clear blue lagoons. It's basically a fancy paradise where you can enjoy the happiest days of your life.

Zippy Holidays is here to turn your dreams into reality, so book our honeymoon holiday package now because your love deserves nothing less!

Types Of Honeymoon Holiday Packages

We get that every couple is one of a kind, and that's why we've got loads of cheap honeymoon holiday packages to pick from. Whether you're all about fancy stuff or keeping it on a budget, we've got something for you. Your love story deserves a super awesome start, and we're here to make that magic moment come true.

All-Inclusive Honeymoon Holidays

Are you the type of couple wanting to relax and enjoy without a care in the world? Well, our All Inclusive Honeymoon Holidays are crafted just for you! Picture this: you get to eat mouth-watering food, dive into exciting activities, and kick back in luxurious accommodations, all neatly bundled up in one worry-free package.

Luxury Honeymoon Holidays

If you're all about that fancy life, our Luxury Honeymoon Holidays are just what you need. Picture this: feeling like super important people, chilling in super cool resorts that scream luxury, and getting pampered like never before. Our special packages are like a one-way ticket to a super posh honeymoon.

City Break Honeymoon Holidays

Moreover, if you're a cool couple looking for an awesome honeymoon, our City Break Holidays might be your best option! Get ready to dive into the amazing vibes of famous cities. Explore their cool culture, munch on delicious local food, and have a blast with the nightlife you dream of.

Last-Minute Honeymoon Holidays

Are you feeling a sudden urge for a romantic escape? Our Last Minute Honeymoon Holidays have got you covered! Whether a quick escape or a surprise getaway, our flexible packages ensure a memorable experience, even with short notice.

Perks Of Booking With Us

Choosing us for your honeymoon has many advantages, some of them are below.

Areas Exclusive for Adults

Imagine chilling in places just for grown-ups, where no kiddos run around. It's like stepping into a peaceful bubble where you and your partner can relax without interruptions. Sounds good, right? Well, that is exactly what we offer! You can soak up the calm vibes, enjoy the quiet, and let the adult-exclusive areas add a dash of tranquillity to your intimate and peaceful getaway.

Romantic Atmosphere

We carefully choose destinations and accommodations that set the stage for your love story. We try to curate a journey that makes your heart skip a beat, so please picture yourselves surrounded by the perfect atmosphere that fosters connection.

Impressive Facilities

Your honeymoon should be super awesome, right? Well, that's what we think too! Our packages are really cool. We've got fancy places that look amazing and set the perfect vibe. Moreover, the dining options are top-notch! We've got everything sorted out to make your post-wedding getaway absolutely fantastic.

Choice Of Two To Five-Star Hotels

So, with us, you can make your honeymoon totally yours by picking from different hotels. Whether you're into the comfy vibes of a three-star spot or the fancy feels of a five-star resort, we have the perfect hotel.

Low Deposits

We allow you to book with small deposits because we want to make it easy for you to plan your awesome getaway without worrying too much about money. We're all about making your dream honeymoon a chill and affordable adventure.

So why wait? Book with us today and start your journey towards a lifetime of cherished memories.


Planning a cheap honeymoon is a breeze with us! Pick our Last Minute Honeymoon Holidays, or check out cool places that won't break the bank. Moreover, consider going on your getaway for possible discounts during off-peak times.

Europe's got tons of romantic spots, you know? Like Santorini, Paris, and the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Each place gives honeymooners this special and unforgettable experience!

Some couples go for a whole week, and some go even longer for their honeymoon, like two or more weeks.

Sun Island Resort & Spa has got you covered, and you can book it through us for just £2709. Imagine chilling in overwater bungalows, having your own private plunge pool, and getting awesome service.

Check out cool places like Bali, Thailand, or Vietnam. And here, you can have a super awesome time without anything heavy on your wallet.

So, many people think Niagara Falls is the best place for a honeymoon. It's got super romantic views and tons of fancy restaurants around. Totally vibes for a lovey-dovey getaway!